March 28, 2023
Annapolis, US 45 F

County Unemployment Hits 19 Year High

Anne Arundel No Longer Insulatedunemployment

According to an article in The Capital, there are 19,000 unemployed in Anne Arundel County representing the highest number in19 years and bringing the County rate to just under 7%. The nationwide rate is 9.5%

This is a frightening statistic and some of the comments on the online story highlight the frustration of today’s job seekers. According to “j. nelson” on The Capital’s site:

It is a “sad day” when the employers NOW will only hire you if you accept LESS than your worth ! The days of making enough to live are over especially here in MD.Now your at everyones mercy for a hire, but IF unemployment doesn’t meet your bills how does $9-$10 hr??? I’d rather move.

With that in mind, Annapolis City Alderman Sam Shropshire will be hosting another of his unemployment forum roundtables tomorrow night.

Tuesday, July 28 , 6:00 PM

City Council Chambers / City Hall 2nd Floor
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD  21401

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  1. Hope and Change! Glad to see we are better off now that The One has graced our land!

  2. Hope and change is on the way with Conley Ward 5, Bowling Ward 3, Stiverson Ward 6, Paone Ward 2 and hopefully Fox or Cordle winning in the Mayoral race Annapolis City council races. Dem’s screwed up Annapolis and it’s time for hope and change in 2009.

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