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A Few Questions About The Frozen Granny

By now, everyone has read about the suspicious death in Glen Burnie where a woman was discovered dead in her freezer in her apartment. The local papers as well as the UPI have reported on this and it now appears that it is not a crime. Who would have known?

Apparently some of our legislators tried to have a bill passed a while ago to prevent this (or make it criminal) but it failed in committee. This is sure to be resurrected once again in the next session.

By all accounts, it seems that Doris Lea Cooke died of natural causes; however an autopsy will make the final determination. As bizzare and strange as this is, it does beg a few questions.freezer

  • The woman lived in an apartment. Most apartments don’t have separate freezers; so how did she fit into the top compartment of a standard refrigerator/freezer combination?
  • How many people were involved in putting her there?
  • What was the motive to freeze her, rather than contacting the authorities? Was anyone looking to collect some incoming social security or medicare checks?
  • The family is remaining mute on the subject, but how did the police get notified?

While there may not be a criminal murder investigation, there appears to certainly be some underlying motives!  What do you think?

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