December 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 47 F

Annapolis Mayor Speaks

Gloats About The Market House

In a press release sent out this afternoon, Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer advised that the Market House (her own Viet Nam) will be welcoming several more temporary vendors this weekend.

Throughout its history, the Market House has always been a place to meet, eat, discuss and reminisce with others, creating a lifestyle experience for individuals in downtown Annapolis. The re-opening marks a new chapter in the rich tradition of the downtown area. Thanks to community input, this next chapter of the Market House will serve a new generation of patrons well.

market-houseWell Ellen, it really has not “always” been a place to meet. Have you forgotten the past 5 years when your administration screwed it all up? Certainly you remember, the sweetheart deal you tried to push through with Dean & Deluca and Annapolis Seafood, the substandard air conditioning, the wrong mix of vendors, the lease with Site Realty that was approved without even being read by the Council, the vendors sneaking out in the middle of the night like Bob Irsay,the lawsuits from the vendors, the lawsuits from the management company, and oh yes, the $250,000 you authorized the City to pay for a piece of property we ALREADY OWNED!

The City has been sued by everyone involved with the Market House under your watch except one–BankAnnapolis! Yes Ellen, you have done a fine job! Congratulations!

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