May 18, 2024
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Annapolis City Manager Update

Petition Drive In Overdrive

petitionYesterday, we checked in with Annapolitans for a Better Community (ABC) to see how the City Manager petition drive was progressing.  Things look good. After 8 years of mismanagement, it is about time to allow the voters to decide if they want a qualified municipal manager running the show or someone that won a popularity contest.

Doug Smith and Bill Kardash launched Phase 2 of their petition drive with direct mail to registered voters. The response was excellent and they are continuing to receive signed petitions daily.  While they can continue to collect petitions indefinitely, the goal is to have the required 5,000 petitions by the end of August for submission to Council at the first meeting in September. Doug Smith, one of the coordinators put out a call for help.  ” We need everyone’s help collecting signatures – or if you have left your petition sitting on your desk for ‘later’, we need you to sign and send it in. If you think someone else is handling this, and you don’t need to send in your petition, then think again. We deserve the government we get, and if you want to see City Manager on the ballot this fall, we need you to take action now. We have a long way to go to get to 5000, so every single petition is important to us.  “

Remember, this petition is NOT a vote. This is merely a preliminary step to get the question on the ballot in November when the City has elections to elect a new Mayor and Council.  Again, this is just your approval to have the question on the ballot. If it actually passes will be decided by the voters in November!

This is a VERY important initiative, and residents of Annapolis deserve to have competent management. If you don’t think so, just remember that the current administration just paid $2.5 million for a building they already own. Please visit the ABC site for more information or to request a petition if you do not already have one.

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