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Maryland It’s Time To Step Up

Bullying & Gangs Need To Be Addressed Now

It is a shame that the senseless death of Christopher Jones is what it took to get the attention of the County and State government.  The schools have sent out “Bully Surveys” several times over the past years, however, it seems that whatever results came from them were not significantly implemented.

I have two high school children in the Anne Arundel County public schools. While I have not heard of any activity that I would classify as “gang” activity, I hear story after story about fight after fight. It needs to stop now. The schools need to take a “zero tolerance” stance on school fighting. Most of the children play by the rules, but there are a few that don’t and won’t.

One commenter on this site suggested she is terrified to send her children to school now knowing that there are 5 accomplices to murder in the midst (reports indicate there were up to 7 attackers). She has a point. Maybe they did not throw a punch; but they were intimately involved! Are these kids, the next ones in line to snuff out an innocent life?

Parents need to put pressure on the schools, the county and the state. Make your voices known to the PTA or the PTO, speak with the Principals, testify at the school board meeting, contact your County councilman and your legislators.  Regardless of the motive; regardless of any gangs–this is not acceptable and the only way that change will be affected is for parents make a strong statement.

Of course, there is a second task that also needs to be done. Today, parents are busy. Too busy. Many expect that the schools are the ones tasked with raising their children. WRONG! They may not like you for your actions, but raise your children right. I am convinced that had some parents spent just a little (not even that much) time with their children, this senseless tragedy could have been avoided.  Know your children’s friends, know what they are up to (no need to be invasive to get a good idea) and set the example!

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