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Judge North At It Again

Judge Pamela North Feels Sorry For Gangbanger

How does one go about getting rid of incompetency? Once again, our judicial system appears to have failed the citizens of Maryland.  And if anyone follows the news, it should come as no surprise that it is at the hands of Judge Pamela North.

According to an article in The Capital, Judge North did not want to expose a known leader of the “Crips” to gangs in prison.  The defendant, Jeffrey Holbrook, 21 of Glen Burnie was convicted of first degree assault.

While under sentencing guidelines, Holbrook should have received 7 years in prison, Judge North felt it appropriate to cut it back to 4 years fearing that those additional three years wold “indoctrinate” him into other gangs.

You would become more and more indoctrinated in a bigger and better gang.

–Judge Pamela L. North

Hello, Pam, he is already in a gang. He already has been convicted of assault. Is there a waiting period in our prisons for gang indoctrination that you are not telling us about?

For those that have not followed the ridiculous rulings by Judge North, it is worth some investigation. This is the woman that refused to convict an incarcerated man who stabbed another man in prison with an illegal knife. The reason–prisoners have a “right” to protect themselves from threats in prison.  Maybe Judge North thinks it might be a better idea to give out state issued assault weapons to prisoners when they check in. After all, they have a right to protect themselves. Since Judge North feels so strongly about this particular criminal, maybe she might like to take him in as a boarder in her home for four years? Just a thought!

But seriously, Judge North needs to go.  As we are subject to more and more violent crime with seemingly no consequences, we cannot have our Judges handing out favors to gang members.

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