April 17, 2024
Annapolis, US 63 F

Heavy Police Presence At South River

south-river-senior-highPrecautions Taken

Students arriving for the second to last week of school at South River Senior High were greeted this morning by a small army of Anne Arundel County police officers.

As a precaution, there was a very heavy police presence at South River High School this morning. Typically, the school has one resource police officer and this morning there were eight additional police cars with two officers per car.  When the buses had completed their drop offs, four of the cars left.

In the comments of several stories, there has been speculation that this may be related to “gangs” in Crofton. While the Annapolis high school has had some issues with neighborhood “gang” violence spilling over into the schools, this is the first time, to our knowledge that there might be a concern at South River.

Presumably there was a similar presence this morning at Arundel Senior High where Christoper Jones also attended.

We are waiting on a statement from an Anne Arundel County School District spokesperson with more information.

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