December 5, 2023
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Has Moyer Vacated Mayor’s Office?

More Ridiculous Spending By Moyer

cluelessIn yesterday’s Capital, Eric Hartley dubbed the Moyer Administration “clueless”. He laid out some very good examples of their cluelessness including the sidewalk tax and most recently the increase in parking fees. He lamented the lack of true disclosure and transparency and even ridiculed their attempts at being transparent by citing a rash of recent press releases from a very well paid spokesperson for the Mayor.

If Hartley’s column was not enough to make you scratch your head, how about spending $75,000 for a report to study an event that may or may not occur in 100 years?

I kid you not! Read for yourself.

Yes, in a recession year where the Mayor cannot determine if the City is in fine shape or horrible shape (there have been reports of both) somehow she finds $75,000 to pay for a consultant to study a proposed rise in sea level that may happen in 2100–the year 2100!  In a somewhat ironic twist, the Mayor states that she is now concerned with City Dock.  Where was the concern when the Market House was washing away?

The City Dock in Annapolis is one area that is particularly prone to flooding and is the focus for this particular study.  –Mayor Ellen O. Moyer

It is ridiculous that we are balancing our budget on what essentially amounts to a credit card, we are paying $2.5 million dollars for property we already own, we are paying settlements to vendors, and now we are hiring yet another consultant to perform a study for an event that MAY happen 91 years from now.  Most likely the people that this will impact, have not even been born!

Considering most of the past contracts, I wonder if the retained firm, Whitney, Bailey, Cox & Magnani, LLC, has some ties to our Mayor?  Maybe this is a job for the Arundel Muckraker or Capital Punishment who both are on top of the Mayor’s sweetheart contracts!

But the clueless administration can take solace in the fact that they are addressing the needs of the 22nd century to the detriment of the current one.

Nice job, well done yer honor!

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