May 30, 2024
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Crofton Residents To Get ACTION

Anne Arundel Police DepartmentAnne Arundel County Will Step Up Police Presence

Anne Arundel County Executive announced a new program to combat escalating crime in the Crofton area. The program, dubbed ACTION, was announced at last night’s community meeting which was attended by approximately 750 residents.

ACTION stands for Actively Combating Trouble In Our Neighborhoods and is a direct response to the recent murder of 14 year old Christopher Jones.

“Christopher’s death is a terrible tragedy that has united the entire community,” County Executive Leopold said.  “Such a senseless act of violence requires a law enforcement response, but also a reexamination
of how we can empower parents to stem this kind of crime before it occurs.”

The program calls for an increased police presence in the greater Crofton area. It is hoped that the increased presence will allow the police in the western district to have a greater ability to  enforce laws, gather intelligence and share information.

While a police presence is certainly a step in the right direction, it certainly not the cure for Crofton or anywhere.  Crime can, and does happen anywhere, and typically follows the path of least resistance. It may decline in the targeted areas by police, but if left unchecked it will move to a new neighborhood.   If the problem is with teenagers and gangs, an increased parental presence in the home will go a lot further.

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