March 21, 2023
Annapolis, US 35 F

Arrests In Crofton Murder

Police Arrest Murder Suspects

From the Anne Arundel County Police Department:

Upon completion of the autopsy, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner ruled that the cause of death was neck and head injuries and the manner is homicide. Further investigation led detectives to arrest Javel Marqueth George, 16, of 2209 Montauk Drive in Crofton and a 14-year-old male juvenile from Crofton.

After conferring with the State’s Attorney’s Office, Javel George will be charged as an adult with Manslaughter, 2nd Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment and the 14-year-old male juvenile will be charged with the same charges, but on a juvenile citation. The 14-year-old will be placed into custody at Cheltenham Juvenile Facility by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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  1. So much for your GANG NOW Dumbass punks .I hope and pray you either get the chair or life in prison. You will be someones bitch in that cell .I hope they make you suffer 10 x worse than what Chris went through. I wish nothing more then for GOD to RAIN DOWN UPON YOU and make your life a living HELL

  2. Chair or Life? Are you kidding? The 16 year old was only charged with manslaughter. Manslaughter in MD has a max sentence of 10 years. The kid will likely be back on the streets before he’s 18.

    It’s time for the voters to kick the District Attorney out of office if he doesn’t press for murder in this case.

    Call/write the AA County DA’s office in Annapolis and let them know what you think. Get their attention!

    Pray for Chris’ family.

  3. I was under the impression (from the victim’s close friends & family) that Chris was attacked by 5-7 African American teenagers. Why are only 2 being charged? I sure hope that the AACPD finishes the job, locates and arrests the remaining culprits. They also ALL deserve to be charged as adults without even considering their age. Since the economy has weakened and people are renting houses for cheaper and cheaper more blacks are moving out of the Annapolis/Odenton/Laurel area and into Crofton. I have lived here most of my life, and now that I chose to raise my family here to see the influx of blacks is disheartening. It is sad when I cannot even take my children to a community park without having to stare at ESD gang graffiti, and quickly scan the area for used condoms. I am not saying that EVERY black teenager is going to beat to death an innocent white child but apparently SOME will, and even 1 is too many. If the roles were reversed and it was a group of white teenagers beating up a black teenager the NAACP and every other African American advocacy group would be screaming Hate Crime, Why are we not? They have moved into the Meadows, The Village Apartments, and the Nantucket area (which is where the attack occurred) ,raised crime rates and lowered property values. When are the long-time residents and homeowners going to finally stand up and say “not in my town”? I thought that was what I was paying a $250 a month HOA fee for. I know some people will not like this point of view, But I also know that many of you are thinking the same thing.

  4. These low life excuses for humans will beat the rap. They will be portrayed as sweet young men when we all know they are in reality they are nothing but ignorant hoodlums who knew exactly what they were doing. I hope karma comes around to make their entire life a miserable hell. Until people have to pay for their crimes this kind of thing will happen again and again. So sad.

  5. beat these inhuman animals to death and get rid of them we have no use for them wake up white people to the black crime wave that is sweeping the state of maryland

  6. “Not Afraid to Say It” – Please take your racist atttitude and move to Montana.

    I do agree that if there are gangs in the area, and they are defacing property, intimidating people, etc. then that behavior needs to be stopped. However, it needs to be stopped regardless if those involved are white, black, red, yellow, or whatever. I too hope that if there were others involved, that they are apprehended and charged as well. If it is determined that this was a planned attack on this child, then I hope the charges are raised to murder. If it is determined to be a “hate” crime, then levy those charges as well.

    I don’t think this was a hate crime. From what I have heard from students (admitedly 3rd, 4th, or 5th hand), is that Chris ratted them out for drugs, and they kicked his ass in retribution. It’s a damn shame that a kid does the right thing and ends up getting killed over it.

  7. Pretty sure Montana does not want him or her either!

    My son is a junior at SRSH and in his freshman year he was approached about buying pot and he was conflicted about if he should have told the principal. Tough lesson to learn but I told him he did ok. The dealer now knows he is not interested and hopefully that will be the end of it. I told him that if he did tell, it was legitimately the right thing, but practically, it was probably not the best thing. No need to have your ass kicked for the next 4 years.

    ANd if this is true (about retribution for telling) it is a very very frightening situation.

  8. We need more people just like Not Afraid To Say It. Do you idiots criticizing him actually think black folk like you? Guess again. They might like to give it to your daughter but that is about it. By the way, black males are 17 times more likely than whites to be HIV positive. Tell your daughters. Wake up Whitey! You lost your country!

  9. I agree with Not Afraid To Say IT. I just read about this in the Washington Post and I am disgusted. I’m so sick of this destructive behavior by blacks who seem to get away with it. We built this wonderful society only to watch them tear it apart from so many angles.
    I weep for the family of that beautiful boy. I also weep for our country and community because we do nothing to prevent this.

  10. Died for diversity. How many more people need to die at the hands of Blacks (who commit over half this country’s homicide)? How many more children need to be gangbanged and murdered because of the myth we are all equal?

    There’s a reason every place with a Black-majority is a disaster. These animals are incapable of even basic human interaction… lazy, violent, savages.

  11. “However, it needs to be stopped regardless if those involved are white, black, red, yellow, or whatever.”

    Every time there is some violent Black crime on a White person, there is always the obligatory “color is not the issue.”

    WHO ARE YOU KIDDING? When the overwhelming majority of crime in this country is done by Black men, YES COLOR IS THE ISSUE.

    How many more children must die before brainwashed “we are all equal color is not an issue” people like you will wake up?

  12. Ahhhh Diversity, isn’t it grand? This must be the “Change” we heard so much about!

  13. As a black female I can honestly say that this saddens me to no end and I send my deepest condolences to the family. The great majority of black women in our community are single-parents,and the children have no good role-models to help them stay centered and out of trouble. These women are AFRAID of their young sons. This is why black youth, particularly black males, run buck-wild with virtually no discipline. Our public schools are no more than mini-training facilities for future criminials who will eventually wind up in the state or federal peniteniary. Teachers and staff REFUSE to correct these kids. Parents REFUSE to correct them. EVERYONE seems to REFUSE to correct them. I’ve always said that God will use who he wishes to bless a person or to bring correction. If that person happens to be a white male police officer used to bring correction, then so be it. However, our society has told black ppl that whites who do this are “racist” and need to be punished. Our Gov’t has literally created MILLIONS of MONSTERS by fostering the belief that whatever blacks do, they simply WILL NOT be held accountable. This mind-set is reinforced by the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the black community. Modern day whites have created and enforced enough laws to help improve the conditions of black people. I’ve seen for myself how many do try and extend a helping hand to those who claim they need help. This is why my heart truly hearts. What a shame we have become to the world. This behavior is INEXCUSABLE! My God, our future as a nation is so bleak. Govt doesn’t care about its citizens and adults allow the youth to run wild in the streets. I am told even the older gangsters are afraid of the new crop of black youth coming up. They have absolutely no fear of retribution or any form of punishment. Many black ppl are discussing the fact that our nation is indeed on the precipice of a Civil War 2. Believe me when I say we have many black ppl who are fed up to the hilt with roving gangs of young ppl who will not respect law and order. And when a tragedy strikes, the media seemingly always interviews the ones who sound like something out of the twilight zone with virtually no good common-sense. Aa a Christian, black ppl better start understanding that God is not politically correct, despite what church leaders teach them. This is why young black ppl are perishing at phenomenal rates. As a community we harbor,defend, and make a plethora of excuses for criminals. We also refuse to correct. Well correction will come one way or the other. The young man who killed that child will pay because we all reap what we sow. What a shame the victims young life had to be lost because we as a nation REFUSE to bring correction to young people for fear of what the Govt may do to us. God help us all!

  14. Re: “Concerned Citizen, 6/2, 9:52” I am a white male (not that any of that matters, because we are all humans, all Americans), but what you wrote was really great to read about your thoughts, comments, etc. I agree with you.

  15. Re: “Concerned Citizen, 6/2, 9:52″ I totally agree with your statements. Kids today know they can get away with murder (literally) because the consequences aren’t high enough. Teachers are afraid to correct children for fear of being sued or retaliated against. Parents aren’t disciplining their children for a multitude of reasons. Often parents are too busy with their own lives to be bothered teaching their children right from wrong. I have many teacher friends who try to do the right thing only to have the parents say “my child wouldn’t do that.” So any correction from the teacher goes out the window when the parent doesn’t follow up at home. This applies to students of all races. The 14 year old in this case has been trouble for many years. He is known in the neighborhood for being out of control. The school wasn’t able to keep him under control. Not sure what the parents were doing.

  16. I agree with Schlike, it’s education and poverty – Yes, blacks do represent a large percentage of crime in the country, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have “blacks in our town” like some of you are saying. It makes me so sad to know so many people think that way. This black youth doesn’t represent all the black youth in Crofton, Odenton or AA County. Blanket statements like “they are taking over our country” just put down the respectable African Americans in our community.

    I see just as many trashy good for nothing white families around as I do black.

    I agree that our schools and parents need to take control. Like Concerned Citizen says we have single mothers who are afraid of their sons. What is wrong with that picture?! We live in an era of ENTITLEMENT – Kids and young adults who think they deserve the world just because they’re them, they’ve never had to earn anything. Parents give in, the schools give in, the community just turns their backs and ignores, and that is what creates situations like these. NOT BLACK PEOPLE.

  17. Along the lines of what concerned citizen said let me also add this. I am a single parent of two teenage children (one male and one female)who live in the Odenton area. Last year my then 15 year old daughter got caught sneaking out of the house at 1:00am. I disciplined her and she went to school the next day and told her guidance counselor that I abused her and her brother. They never talked to me or asked me anything their first step was to call Child Protective Services on me which opened up a child abuse case simply based on the statements of an angry teenager. They never saw any marks on her body before and didn’t see any then. She was well fed and cared for and well dressed and the fact that I was at the school all the time checking on her and her brother’s classes and grades. That made no difference to the school staff. All they cared about was the fact that this child said she had been abused. The same thing happened a year later with my son.
    When society stops tying the hands of parents and allowing children and other so-called ppl to intimidate parents for discipling and correcting their children when they start getting out of control, then maybe we can put an end to the senseless violence.

    When self absorbed parents stop sticking their heads in the sand by defending their out of control youth and work with school and police officials to form a united front and show these “Entitled” youth that we are all going to hold them accountable for their actions then maybe they will get the message.

  18. Caught in the middle, That’s why it is best to beat them when they are young. They tend to remember the spoon to the butt.

  19. hmmmm I was just reading the definition for manslaughter…how is killing this boy not murder! From what others have said they were out to get him. Here in Frederick County, a girl tried to stabb her mother and she now faces attempted murder. I really don’t understand how they can just call it manslaughter.

  20. I should say the girl here in Frederick County, tried to stabb her mother while they were fighting over her having a cellphone that she was not suppose to have. When she tried to stab her mom was that premeditated murder was she planning to kill her? I guess I’m wondering what the difference is?

  21. I am a white male from Prince Georges County. I am still amazed at the ignorance that exist in Anne Arundel. I remeber living out there and wondering why everyone is/was so racist towards minorities. Everyone claims they are violent and poor and such but the complete opposite is true. White in Anne Arundel are to blame for the majority of crime. Drug use is disgustingly high among Whites. Meth use and Cocaine is an all to common occurrence. White in AA have this high horse they ride around looking down on blacks but are ignorant to the fact that every year blacks are surpassing them more and more. And to those who think the “minorities are invading AA”, I shake my head. This may be a shocker but NO ONE is rushing to move to AA. I have many black friends and they all have the same view of your county… Its a racist, hick-driven, country town. So stereotypes go both ways. Your right-wing attitudes are only confirmed by other whites in your position. I moved to PG because I enjoy diversity and day trips to DC. In AA i felt like I was in an old lifetime movie. Violence occurs in AA bc white children attempt to emulate what they see in music videos from blacks and interpret that as “ghetto life”, when in fact PG is the Wealthiest Black County in the US. It kills me to see my brother en so ignorant. So next time you ppl want to point fingers at a race chooe yourselves, you are an embarressment to the white community as a whole. These are the same ppl who voted for george bush. This act was horrible and wrong but had noting to do with race. Whites have been hurting each other in AA for years. Step out of your farms and realize that minorities are pasing you in home ownership, businesses, and college grads. I shake my head to your ignorance and wish you would open your eyes. Blacks were once slaves to our ancestors and now a good percentage of you work for them. A lot of this is just bitter resentment.

  22. This is an absolutely terrible story. My heart goes out to the family. In response to post concerning single mothers not having support from absent fathers, etc., my advice for future women, stop choosing to become single mothers. Oftentimes in the black community women have the false impression that they can raise a son alone “I don’t need a man” is their favorite line until that child/baby becomes a young man and becomes a terror. After this mother fails to discipline him, places earrings in his ears, buys him expensive gym shoes instead of books, then she wants society to jump in and corral this animal. How unfortunate that these people did move into this community with their bad habits without training their animals. Don’t blame Al Sharton and the likes for fighting for racial justice that is an entirely different issue. Blame the woman who decides to have children without the benefit of a supporting mate and blame the man who continues to spread his seeds without tendering his garden. Unfortunately I do understand the poster’s pain that writes about housing cost dropping thus allowing Blacks to invade a community. I moved from Detroit 10 years ago into a new subdivision. The people who are moving in now are running from the crime and blight that has taken over Detroit; however, when they move out here right away they want to put basketball hoops in the street, they refuse to cut their lawn unless you report it to the authorities, they allow their children to roam the streets until late at night. As a Black person, I am ashame to say, I too hate to see them coming.

  23. I am truly glad that I move from the state of MD. I am a parent of three kids and can’t imagine how this the death of their son will impact their lives. I have had many emotions about race relations in the United States and have live in 4 different states. Everywhere I have been I have treated all people with respect and have ignored ignorant comments and have called people on their racist comments. However, despite the fact that I would never raise a hand to anyone, I have been targeted because I am white. Maybe people feel that injustices have been laid at their doorstep, so they need to exact revenge. Well, I’v decided it won’t be on me on my children. The crimes that are occurring are hate crimes. It’s not that this kid ratted these other kids out, it’s that he is white. There have been several incidences in Baltimore City and around Towson MD. Hate crimes only apply if they occur to African Americans only. By the way, I’m not white but a Polish-Italian American. I’m sure the Korean family in Baltimore Co. still feels the pain of their son being shot in broad daylight. Despite eyewitnesses and the victim’s wallet, ID and credit cards in the perpetrators possession, the jury aquitted the accused. I know that there have been many gross injustices against minority families and there are still many inequities in the law, institutional racism etc. And I truly want to stop these practices and see that no person is ever hurt because of their skin color. But I can’t change the things that need to be done and lawmakers are only in it for what they can get for themsevles. I will continue to love my neighbor but I have one expecially vulnerable child and could never forgive myself if I stayed in a place where he would be taken advantage of and killed.

  24. if a black kid was killed, then black kids across the country would raid stores to get back their reparations and attack every white person they see and jesse and al would march all over crying. but where is jesse and where is al now? this is a hate crime according to their definitions but they don’t care. they are giving high fives to each other right now.

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