April 17, 2024
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Anne Arundel Youth Out Of Control

Teens Attack Woman At Arundel Mills With Board

muggingFirst we had the murder of Christopher Jones. Now, a group of teens attack a woman at Arundel Mills Mall in broad daylight with a board!

What the hell is going on? The police cannot be everywhere, but it seems the teenagers in our midst are becoming more and more brazen as the days go by. What happened to the days of egging a house or keying a car under the cloak of darkness?

As many readers have commented, the parents have checked out! It is not the school’s responsibility to raise responsible adults. That task falls firmly on the shoulders of the parents.  TO the parents of the named teens that killed Christopher Jones and the parents of these tern girls (and one boy) who attacked a woman with a board–are you proud?  Is this something you will be high-fiving all of your relatives about over the Thanksgiving table this year?

Parents MUST know their kids. Know their friends, their friends’ parents and what they are up to. You don’t need to be intrusive; just be informed.  Set reasonable expectations and stick to them. It really is not that hard, and there are plenty of parenting resources out there.

It is not fair to your children to neglect and ignore them. You brought them into this world–the least you can do is to guide them on the right path.

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