March 27, 2023
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Adolf Hitler Lives

obamahitler1Much Ado About Nothing?

Last week, local blogger Paul Foer poked a hornet’s nest when he criticized the Republican Women of Anne Arundel County (RWAAC) for an opinionated letter comparing the tactics of President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

Were the words inflammatory? Sure they were.  Did they strike a chord? Absolutely! Now, the very organization that approved the comments is calling for the ouster of the person who made them.

I am not going to get into the right or the wrong, but I do question who is driving the bus that the RWAAC President is being thrown under. In The Capital, the group is claiming ignorance in one breath and in the other saying they knew they had a problem for a long time.  Well, which one is it? Was Joyce Thomann a problem? If so, why did the organization allow her opinions to grace the pages of their website? Did Joyce Thomann hijack the site and make it her own?

Another local blogger, Mike Netherland, has come to the defense of Joyce Thomann not once, but twice in as many days. Mike is right on!  Not so much for the rhetoric of the original comment, but for identifying the group as cowardly and disingenuous. They truly have thrown Joyce Thomann under the bus!

Only now are the remaining Board Members of RWAAC  saying that she was a problem for a long time. Well, why didn’t you do something a long time ago? Was her rhetoric working for you back then? If it was such a problem, why was she allowed to monopolize the website with her opinions? And even more curious, how was it that the original content remained on the website for many days as this controversy grew. If the Board of the RWAAC is denouncing the opinion, why did they not denounce it when they discovered it?

I am not familiar with the RWAAC or their website workings, but I did see the “offending” comment and it it very clearly states ” IN MY VIEW“. This is not necessarily the view of the RWAAC, the Democratic Party, the GOP, or anyone else. It is the view of an individual–Joyce Thomann!

This whole debacle really shows the dirty side of partisan politics. Joyce’s analogy has been shared by millions across thew country and was prevalent at the Tea Party held in Annapolis on April 15th.

In the end, a woman who is passionate about her cause will be excommunicated from her cause by a group of people that are incapable of handling any criticism.  With this type of reaction, is it any wonder why Repiublicans have never been able to gain any type of momentum in Maryland?

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  1. Hey, like him or hate him. Sometimes he is on the mark and sometimes he is off the mark. I think his intentions are good–the execution leaves a bit to be desired; but honestly that’s what makes America great–Thomann can talk about Hitler and Obama and Foer can call her on it. Has nothing to do with his religion (I defer to you that he is a “jew”) or any power.

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