September 28, 2023
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A Sneak Play By E-ZPass

ezpasslogoDid The Maryland Transportation Authority Pull A Fast One?

You have to love a transparent government. Back in March, all the buzz was about the monthly maintenance fee of $1.50 to have the benefit of the E-ZPass transponder. Other states do have some fees associated with it’s use, but none as high as that allowed by Maryland.

What was not obviously discussed were the other changes incorporated in their attempt to “thank” motorists for using the system.

  • You no longer have 60 days to use any stored value under your discount toll plan. That is now 45.
  • The fee for a new transponder (or replacing one) is non-refundable. In the past, it was refundable, but if you broke it, you needed to pay to replace it.
  • When their system fails, they will now assess a $3 fee to send you the notice. It also applies when you have no funds or an invalid transponder. But more often than not, it is a maintenance issue.
  • They will assess a $25 fee for failing to pay the toll by the due date. I am guessing this might have been on the books.

The thing that is particularly galling is that the  EZPass Letter begins with

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and an E-ZPass Maryland customer.

The close encouraging those with questions to call their customer service center at 888-321-6824. I will be making the call to turn it in and will be getting my new transponder from Pennsylvania whcih offers much better terms:

  • Refundable deposit (waived if you have a credit card for the replenishment)
  • $3 ANNUAL fee (non refundable)
  • $35 replenishment increments (MD is $25)
  • $10 minimum balance to trigger replenishment (MD is $25)

Just did mine and you can do yours by clicking here!

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