December 5, 2023
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Who Does Jamie Benoit Work For?

County Councilman Appears To March To His Own Drummer

Councilman Jamie Benoit
District 4 Councilman Jamie Benoit (D)

Once again, it seems that our elected representatives are more interested in their own agenda than in representing their constituents. Last week, our Republican County Executive was accused of  sexual and physical harassment, and now it seems that Democratic Councilman Jamie Benoit from District 4 has decided to forge full speed ahead with his personal agenda despite the wishes of those that actually elected him! When will the voters wake up? Instead of just accepting the status quo “because that’s the way it has always been” do something about it!

Sunday’s Capital featured an article about slots (again) and District 4 Councilman Jamie Benoit was questioned about an alternative bid for slots.  “To me, it really doesn’t matter where they are. They’re a horrible thing and a fool’s errand,” he said.

To me? To me? Jamie, what about to the 45,971 voters in your district that elected you to represent their interests? What about how they feel? How do you answer that question?

Wait, here’s the answer! The math does not lie. The State, the County, and Jamie’s very own district overwhelmingly approved the slots amendment last November.  As a matter of fact, of the 33,912 people who turned out to vote, 19,716 voted for slots. Now, the Council is reducing funding for eduction, but it was presumed it was for schools–not Council members. This represents 58.1%. In any other election that would be considered a landslide.

But in the math challenged world of Jamie Benoit, apparently it is an insignificant number. Jamie, please don;t let your personal agenda interfere with the wishes and desires of those who placed you in office. You either represent your constituents effectively or you don’t. You were elected (and are paid) to do the right thing, even if it may go against your personal beliefs.

Voters, wake up!

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