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Teen Attacked/Killed In Crofton

| May 30, 2009, 08:07 PM | 19 Comments

Anne Arundel Police DepartmentAnother Killing In Crofton, Maryland

Anne Arundel Police are investigating the death of a teen on Nantucket Drive in Crofton this afternoon.

Police were initially called to the scene for a person laying in the roadway and initially thought he may have been struck by a car. However, police determined that he was the victim of an assault.  Witnesses were able to provide descriptions of several suspects and an area and aerial search ensued.

Witnesses reported that the 14-year old was attacked by a gang of five to seven suspects–all believed to be male and all believed to be teenagers.

The police have no motive for the killing and are asking anyone that may have any information to contact them at 410-222-3566.

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About the Author - John Frenaye

John is the publisher and editor of Eye On Annapolis. As a resident and business owner in Anne Arundel County for nearly 25 years, he realized that there was something missing in terms of community news–and Eye On Annapolis was born in late spring 2009.

John’s background is in the travel industry as a business owner, industry speaker, and travel writer. In terms of blogging and social media, he cut his teeth with MSNBC.com.

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  1. Nick Trice says:

    This was a sinceless murder by a group of young “THUGS”. These kids should serve the rest of there lives in prison along with there piece of CRAP parents. Anne Arundal county is begining to look like an extension of P.G County.

  2. nan says:

    My granddaughter was beaten also by 3 girls while about 4 or 5 boys were filming.. went to centreville court and the judge ruled “NOT GUILTY” FOR THE 3 GIRLS EVEN though they admitted it.. they went to my granddaughters work and her boss had to ask them to leave because they were unruly.. The boss also testified. I also found it on you tube and brought it too trial and wasn’t allowed to show it. Where do they find these judges and i truly believe they are paid to make certain decisions.. i’m sure these thugs will be out there doing other crap like this.. no penalties for them..

  3. nan says:

    God Bless this child and her family.. the thugs need to be punished severely. What is the matter with children today? they have such lack of judgements and life is meaningless to them.. Were they raised with uncaring parents? are they bored? Are they showing off in front of their friends? Are they trying to impress them? With friends like that, you don’t need enemies.. throw the book at ’em..

  4. GetoutofMD says:

    The sad thing is that everyone keeps believing their community is safe until it happens to them personally — do not wait until you are the victim — get out now — move to a community where you are actually safe — and yes they do still exist — I moved 800 miles after my dear friend Bryan Haber was sucker punched and killed at Langways — and yes his murderer got off too…

  5. Brian says:

    @ Nick Trice:

    How can you assume the parents have responsibility in this? Apart from living one street over from Nantucket and being able to say all the families appear loving and responsible, don’t you think the attackers could have been having some personal issues nobody else knew about? Bullies like these kids often have low self-esteem and would not go to parents or teachers for help. Instead, they do senseless things like this. Leave the parents out of the equation until they appear in court.

  6. Eye Spy says:

    @Brian–I do think the parents have a piece in this. Responsible? No!. But really, there were 5 to 7 teens attacking this kid and there were witnesses. Did all 5 to 7 of these kids have such disregard for a human that they felt it was ok to cause harm? Did the witnesses just watch it? I am shocked.

    Parents MUST have a more proactive role in raising their kids and teaching them about what is right and what is wrong. Yes, there will be some bad apples, but this is an alarming trend. It is NOT the responsibility of the schools to raise the kids–they are there to educate them.

  7. RTWD says:

    I’ve lived in Crofton for more than four years – and have seen a distinct change in the area in that time. I live just a few blocks from where this assault occurred and, quite frankly, am not all that shocked. My townhome is situated along a bike path and within the last year, I’ve begun noticing bands of teenagers roaming up and down the trail, obviously intent on mischief. One of our neighbors told us of a group of teenage girls that attacked another girl in her front yard – and this was in broad daylight, right after school. And another neighbor reported his son was attacked by some so-called “friends” and ended up in the emergency room with a concussion.

    The common thread here is groups of kids beating up a single kid. It’s classic mob mentality. I find myself thinking about an old adage – idle hands are the devil’s workshop. These kids don’t have enough to do and aren’t being held accountable for their time and actions. This is such a sad commentary on our society.

  8. Crofton Mom says:

    There are no more sleepy hollows. It is up to the parents to be more vigilant in keeping up with their childrens “so-called friends”, where they go and what they do. Remember our parents telling us that it’s not like the good ole days. The world progresses and it is up to us to make sure our children know right from wrong.

  9. gotouttatown says:

    I used to live in Crofton, 1 block from this. As soon as I moved in I realized I made a mistake. Neighbors were ignorant and racist. Even the adults bullies. Sad place, sadder story.

  10. Crofton for years says:

    This was a horrible, senseless tragic act, and I am praying for this child’s family. But people shouldn’t assume that it means that some great change has occured in the Crofton community. Crofton has been a great place to raise a family for years – despite the fact that about 20 years ago, a classmate of mine was murdered because he owed drug money to another slightly older young man. His body was buried in two separate places and not found for at least a year, if I remember correctly. It was said that at least a dozen or two people knew or suspected what had happened to him, but no one went to the police. His father knew something had happened, because he said he would have come home for the holidays if he was able. By the way, these were all white kids. Again, it’s tragic and senseless, but don’t judge an entire community on the actions of a few extremely troubled children.

  11. fUny1 says:

    To the comment that the kids who killed this kid might have had too low self esteem which possibly caused them to punch the kid and kill him, I actually believe that some kids who think of themselves more highly than other kids tend to do this kind of unmediated violence that usually does not lead up to death but in this case it did.

    When you have low self esteem from being picked on and humiliated by your peers and you internalize it for a long time and break, you usually lose control and would do more than one sucker punch and may even plan something ala columbine.

    What these kids did was sucker punch someone who probably(unless the ones who knew him were lying) does not fight back or present himself as a threat.

    Arrogant kids are always a problem. They only pick on people who usually don’t fight back like other kids or the elderly. That is evidence of non empathic sociopaths who usually are cowards( when you have one character flaw you usually have many) who feel more entitled than their peers and hence do not respect someone else to the point that they can assault and batter them just because they are around.

    That is the real problem in this world. Too many people are so selfish that they do not feel with anyone else.

    My comments are spoken from personal experience since this story touches home too close. If it was not for the grace of a higher power, I might have ended up 6 feet under shortly before turning 15.

    Less than 3 years after immigrating to this land, I was playing soccer with two friends of mine at a elementary school near the nice and quiet upper middle class neighborhood where we lived. We noticed a bunch of guys go over to the basketball court where we also played nearby every once in a while.

    A while later, on their return, while crossing the soccer field, my soccer ball happens to get kicked far from us about 50 yards towards their direction.

    One of the young men decides to bring the ball over to me and it happens to slip and fall to the ground as he was handing it to me. Not thinking anything of the situation, I crouch to reach the soccer ball and before I do so, I receive a sucker punch from the young man and he runs off with the ball while I fall to the ground as my friends look in shock and horror at all the blood that is streaming back all over my face as I look up at them.

    To say that this puts a visual and visceral twist to the whole “idle hands do the devil’s work” saying is a curious understatement to say the least. I can only conjecture to what “possessed” him to take to punching me when he initially seemed to do a kind deed by bothering to pick up the soccer ball and walk 50 yards to hand it to me.

    Knowing that my mother would pass out from shock at the sight of all the blood that has dried up all over my face and way into my scalp, I run home and sneak in, fortunate that there is a small bathroom at the entrance of our townhouse where I can clean my face before she sees me.

    I tell her about what happened, nose reddened, swollen and tender by the hit and she waits for my dad to arrive to let him decide what to do. My pleading goes unanswered. He won’t even let me go to see the doctor since we were uninsured and he can’t afford to waste money he feels is not needed since I can still breath.

    8 Years of nose bleeds and difficulty breathing when congested later revealed damaged cartilage that required surgery to repair the deviated septum I suffered. I finally could afford the expensive surgery when I got insurance through my work and even then I still had to pay thousands since only parts of all the different itemized sections of the bill were covered.

    Back to the kid who punched me. I did not know the assailant happened to end up going to the same High school until I saw him walking down the hall with his girlfriend as he recognized me and snickered and let out a laugh. My mother always wanted me to report him the authorities or at least the principle. I thought what good would it do and would they even believe me anyway especially more than a year after the event?

    Let’s just say my prior experience with school employees taught me not to count on principles and superintendents for anything.

    Once a junior high school supervisor looked at me with the same look as that kid who punched me when I went to his office to report that my wallet had been stolen after someone broke into my gym class locker.

    Since I took the words turn the other cheek to heart all too seriously, I almost never retaliated to any kinds of violence unless it was to protect someone helpless other than me and even then it would be to stop someone peacefully from assaulting someone else rather than assault them.

    I have experienced verbal/physical/racial/ethnic/religious assault/battery/bullying and punching of myself by almost every race and creed on this planet and chose to stand up to it by not retaliating.

    My father, a kind and hard working parent, had a bad temper as a result of life’s frustrations he would often lash out against myself and my siblings verbally and physically. He always sided with someone else no matter how wronged I was even while pleading my case.

    I once proclaimed that I will never ever in my life ever hit him. He was so enraged by my statement to never hit him that he picked up a large stone to punch me with until my mother thankfully intervened.

    So I have first hand experience of what thinking more highly of yourself than others makes you grow up into.

    If it wasn’t for the love and care of my mother, by all accounts, I should have grown up with the lowest self esteem possible since in addition to my father’s temper, outbreaks and lack of standing up for his own flesh and blood,there was an incident that happened to me at school when I was still 14 that would be any kid’s nightmare. Let me explain:

    It was near the end of the year of my 9th grade, the school had gathered all the students in the main auditorium in order to honor the high achievers in front of their peers. By some seeming oversight, I was never notified that I would receive an award and hence I did not sit at the front of the auditorium like the rest of the honor and merit roll winners.

    When my name was called I was far away and it took me a couple of minutes to go up and since I was near the end of the alphabet I was the last one to go up to the principle to accept my award. When I got there, he did not have my award handy and the whole student body started to laugh until he ushered my off the stage empty handed.

    So to say that a kid who grows up with low self esteem, who’s been scarred by his father’s harsh discipline ends up lashing out on other kids is something I will not accept since that is not how I ended up behaving.

    It’s been my experience that kids who’ve grown up with no one present or willing to chastise their wrong doings or discipline them tend to cause these kinds of problems since they suffer from the spare the rod, spoil the child syndrome.

    As a grown up, I do not suffer from any of the punishment and humiliation that befell me as a teen and I am still as slow to anger and as peaceful and forgiving and caring as a person that you’ll ever meet for by not falling to the level of what possesses those who afflicted me, I have gained power over them and their legion and I will use a kid’s wordplay on numbers below to show this to be true:

    Everyone has heard of the wordplay on numbers saying “why is 6 afraid of 7 ?
    ( because 7 eight 9)

    When meaning is assigned to numbers:

    6 is the number of man
    7 is God’s divine number
    8 is the most powerful of all numbers(strength, self-disciplined, power, success, authority)
    9 is man falling short of being in disobedience of God’s will.

    After all the initial years of torment I was afflicted with at school and outside of school after coming to this land,

    I can say 6(man) is afraid of 7(God’s spirit in me) because 7(God’s spirit in me) 8(through inner strength,self discipline,has power, success and authority over) 9 (fallen man)

    for those that are thick headed, man is afraid of a Godly man because the Godly man ate the sins of the fallen men by not applying the basic physics law of an equal and opposite reaction for every action.

    Therefore your reward is to have power over those who afflict you even if you do not lift a finger in anger because what they fear more is the spirit that is in you and it is this spirit that has caused them to afflict you and hate you and wrong you when you did them no harm.

    fUny1’s last blog post..Is "Swine flu" a natural or lab created viral mutation?

  12. Ed C says:

    To say that the parents of these criminals are not partly responsible is burying your head in the sand. The perpetrators of this crime should be incarcerated for the rest of their lives, regardless of their age, and the parents should equally be held responsible criminally and civilly as a result of their miserable failure as parents.

    I pray to God that this type of trash does not spill over to Davidsonville, where my family lives.

    Does anyone know where Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton are? I don’s see them picketing and organizing marches in Crofton. I wonder why.

    As for the AA County police, rather than having an almost permanent radar trap post on Davidsonville Road at Rt. #50 and fighting those “criminals” who dare exceed the speed limit by a few miles, they should make their presence felt where the real crime is, such as certain neighborhoods in Crofton.

    Ah, but wait, they are more interested in raising revenue than preventing crime. Our taxes at work!

  13. Eye Spy says:

    @ Ed C. I could not agree more. If parents only took a LITTLE more time to know and be involved with their kids, major changes would be affected. Too many parents are too busy to deal with their kids and feel that it is someone elses responsibility to teach them and raise them right. Sorry, parenthood doesn’t end at birth–it only begins.

  14. stupid says:

    to FUny 1 who cares if the people who did this had problems? that doesnt let them off the hook for what they did!

  15. JuyGuy says:

    These children stopped being children the minute they killed another human being. At this point who cares what their problems are or how their life was, THEY TOOK A LIFE!!!!!!! There is no discussion. They beat and killed a young boy. They are animals. It is not about race, or parents or safe communities, it is quite simply about human life. They deserve no compassion. I cannot believe that anyone would say about Crofton being rascist…WHO CARES??? That isn’t what this is about. Enough with the excuses. Think of what was going through this childs head as he lay dieing, wondering why no one did anything to stop this. I believe people can do amazing things, but they can also be monsters. It is in all of us. These animals must answer for their crimes. Frankly I no longer care about them or what their lives were like. They forfeited that right when they took a life.

  16. Jesus Saves says:

    wow you are clearly not a christian…..and although i do not believe in anyone taking ones life i’s it really isn’t your place to judge the situation. Our jobs on this planet is to respect live love and encourage while adhering to laws that are put in place for our safety. kids adults make mistakes whether knowingly or without cruel intention and in that those will suffer regardless….so folks whether child or adult are lost and it isn’t about excuse…we live in a judging society where everyone wants to define and label things…Frankly things are not black in white in our nation cause there are always shades of grey!

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