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Partisanship In Politics

Hello my fellow Annapolitans. There are a host of major issues facing our Annapolis this election year as most of you know. I would like to address a problem that is hurting our city tremendously, but really isn’t being discussed thoroughly  by any other mayoral candidate for obvious reasons: The problem is political partisanship.

Independent Candidate for Mayor, Chris Fox, addresses crowd at Annapolis' City Dock

Independent Candidate for Mayor, Chris Fox, addresses crowd at Annapolis' City Dock

I have been to at least two separate political events held by both a Republican and Democratic Mayoral candidate this year in which each candidate  said, “we need to all work together to keep the Democrats in power”, or “work together to help the Republicans regain control”. I say what a shame  our city government has come to this. Try this instead- “We need to all work together to make Annapolis the best place it can be. By doing what’s best for our residents as a whole, and NOT what’s best for the Republican or Democratic parties of Maryland.” Doesn’t that sound a little bit more like teamwork and a group effort?

Just think about why you may be a Republican or a Democrat. Are you a Republican because you are pro-life, pro-capital punishment, support the Iraq invasion, or want the federal government to be as limited as possible? Or are you a Democrat because you are pro-choice, want free health care, want more spending on public schools, or strongly support the progressive income tax? Those are all valid and respectable reasons to be either a Republican or a Democrat. But these party defining issues are state and federal issues and have NO PLACE in our local municipality!

You can see the partisan bickering going on at City Hall all the time and it only hurts the residents.  The Republicans and Democrats usually vote right along party lines with most issues; and it’s clear to me the Council has other motives when voting on some legislation. When voting, the only question they should have on their minds is, ” Is this what’s best for Annapolis?”

I am proud to be running for Mayor as an Independent candidate, and as an Independent registered voter I feel we need a Mayor who won’t put “party first” when it comes to decisions on legislation or appointments. As Mayor I will put forth legislation that will eliminate partisan elections in the future. And I firmly believe that is in the best interest for all Annapolitans.

Together this November we can all work together and rid Annapolis of the partisan divide that has plagued us for many years. The Republican Party of Maryland and the Democratic Party of Maryland don’t have a vote (or a place) in our city elections….we do!

Vote Independent-Vote Chris Fox for Annapolis City Mayor.

Thank you.

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  1. SevernaPark Guy says:

    I’m not an Annapolis City registered voter, but if had a choice I would go for Fox in a heartbeat. I’m sick of both Democrats and Republicans at this point. I want someone who is accountable to the people and not some party. Godd luck Mr Fox!

  2. Eye Spy says:

    He has some very good points. How we feel about Iraq or healthcare or federal bailouts really has no bearing on the Market House, Crime, and public housing here in Annapolis!

  3. Ah, the I’m-sick-of-the-partisan-bickering routine. How novel. If I hear one more pol say that he is sick of the partisan bickering I think I’ll throw up.

    It’s unfortunate that Mr. Fox’s political education runs about as deep as the pixels on this screen; that he feels a need to distinguish local issues of public policy with state and national issues. Why? We will never know.

    Fox recites the basic tenets of each party’s ideology, but does he know WHY the Republicans are for limited government? Or WHY the Democrats want free health care? I have to assume that he does not. He only sees Republicans and Democrats opposing each other simply because they are registered opponents.

    Or maybe he is one of those political opportunists who came up with the partisan-politics-has-no-place-in-municipal-elections idea and decided to run with it. As a slogan, it may be novel, but does he really believe that party ideology has no place in local elections?

    So partisanship has a place in state and national affairs, but when we serve on the City Council or as Mayor, we must shed our party affiliation in favor of what is best for the residents and businesses of Annapolis. What do we use as a guide? If not ideology, then what? Perhaps an eye for the bottom line? Moral values? Whose morals? Personal interests and patronage are probably the only true bipartisan approaches to governance.

    So where does Mr. Cox stand when it does come to affairs of state? It’s ok. Pretend you are running for Governor instead of Mayor.

    Mike Netherland’s last blog post..How Do You Do Efficiency?

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