March 25, 2023
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Leopold Responds To Allegations

County Executive Should Take Leave Of Absence

With only a few more words than his January statement, Anne Arundel County Executive, John Leopold has issued the following statement regarding the most recent accusations against him.

“This complaint has already been dismissed by the State. I am being asked to respond to a litany of outrageous claims that I have yet to see in writing. If I do see them, I will defend myself vigorously against those who are attempting to gain political points. I have served the public for three decades and I will not be intimidated from doing my job. Those who do not agree with my policies will stop at nothing, including violating the confidentiality of a process protected by the law, to damage my integrity. Furthermore, I demand a full investigation by the Attorney General’s Office of the Department of Human Resources for leaking a confidential documents in violation of its own policies designed to protect the public.”

–John R. Leopold, County Executive

County Executive John R. Leopold, needs to take a leave of absence. The citizens of Anne Arundel County deserve the full attention of the Coutny Executive.
County Executive John R. Leopold, needs to take a leave of absence. The citizens of Anne Arundel County deserve the full attention of the County Executive.

Originally, Leopold claimed he did not recall the 2008 incident, yet now he is calling for a full investigation about how the report (of the incident he never knew existed) was leaked. It seems to us that feigned ignorance only works when there is no supporting evidence to back up the claims.

One reader emailed us calling him a “predator” and pointed out that from a psychological perspective, the behavior is consistent with the label. As time goes on without being “caught”, a predator will become more and more bold with his behavior.  The questions remain, where will it stop? And at what cost?

John Leopold was able to ignore, deflect, and perhaps control the January issue. This time around, he will not be so lucky. He will not be dealing with his subordinates nor the County Council.

We are in a precarious situation; and with the looming budget and challenging times ahead for the County, the citizens deserve the full attention of the Executive we elected. It  is  time for Leopold to take a leave of absence so he can “vigorously defend” his actions. The people of the County deserve better from their elected officials and if he has half the integrity he claims to have, stepping aside (temporarily for now) is the right and just thing to do.

Apparently others feel the same.

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