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Free Water Bottles From CBF

Foundation Seeks Water Samples

cbf-logoWell, that is not why you should do this, but it might be the impetus to get you down to a creek or stream in your neighborhood.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation needs your help, they want to make a loud and clear statement to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator as well as the governors of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia, the mayor of Washington, D.C., and the chairperson of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, that residents of the watershed  need “Clean Water for a Change”.

The EPA and Governors are meeting together as members of the Executive Council for the Chesapeake Bay Program on Tuesday, May 12, 2009, at Mount Vernon Historic Plantation in Virginia. The Foundation plans to bring  labeled water bottles to the meeting showing them that residents all over the watershed have a right to fishable, swimmable waters, a right guaranteed by the federal Clean Water Act.

There are hundreds of streams and creeks in the Chesapeake Bay watershed that are in need of clean up and protection. And it is EPA’s job to protect the quality of our nation’s waters, and to enforce the Clean Water Act. We all just need EPA to do its job and the CBF needs your help!

To Participate

Please collect a sample of your local creek or stream and get it to the CBF Offices ASAP.  Details of the program and a handy online form can be found on their website!

And, as a thank you, the Chesapeake bay Foundation will send you your very own CBF water bottle.  But don’t do it for the bottle–do it for the cause!

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