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Do Illegal Immigrants Not Get It?

| May 30, 2009, 09:02 AM | 3 Comments

Lawmakers Are Not Only Confused Ones

immigrantsAn article in today’s Baltimore Sun really infuriated me! An admitted illegal immigrant (who refused to give her last name) is upset that her equally illegal daughter may not be able to get a license in Maryland after the new law is enacted.

She is concerned that the new two tiered licenses will make them appear different. I’m sorry, but if she is looking to be accepted and treated equally–do it legally. Certainly we welcome immigrants, but why must we embrace them when they refuse to follow our laws?  Why must we provide for their education?

It is not too much to ask that if you are going to benefit from this great nation; that you do it legally?

Marie-Therese, the illegal immigrant who refused to give her last name for fear of deportation explained, “What we want is to be like everyone else.” Well Marie-Therese, almost everyone else is here legally. If you want to be like everyone else, become a legal immigrant.

To the Maryland legislature–enough already.

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  1. Brittancus says:

    Taxes are a hundred billion silent dollars a year, to underwrite the illegal impoverished immigrants in our nation.

    We must all support Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) E-Verify (R-NC) Phone; (256) 533-0979, Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC ) Phone: (828)-252-1651;author of E-Verify and SAVE ACT, Nathan Deal (R-GA) (202) 225-5211; introduced the Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009 (H.R.1868) Rep. Paul Braun (R-GA) 706-447-3857; ,Kenny Marchant (R-TX) 972-556-0162; are also Sponsoring Birthright Citizenship Act to amend this misinterpreted law. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) (202) 225-2811 introduced, H.R. 2406, the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal (CLEAR) Act of 2009. Reach all participants at: (202) 224-3121

    Businesses pay–NOTHING–to the upkeep of the illegal alien occupancy of our country. NOTHING towards health care or Education. It’s all free to illegal aliens, without paying a cent into the system. The free traders have also assisted in bringing total collapse to our wilting economy, as you read the frustrated expressions of jobless Americans. Looking through tired eyes they see the padlocked industries that have been producing “Made in the USA” products for generations, now standing silent and empty. All Americans and legal residents need to march on Washington, like Europeans. We need a million man march, except make it 5-10 perhaps in 30 million man march as the African Americans did and protest the travesties of of our constitutional rights, that are fading under liberal judges interpreting law from the bench. No more exporting of jobs, no importation of cheap labor–the devious agenda of free traders. If we carry on–as is–we will wind up with OVERPOPULATION, shortages of resources, energy and water.

    The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says the flow of remittances to Latin America has doubled in the past four years, to an estimated $55 billion this year–and that’s just Latin America? What about China and other foreign countries? The grand-slam example is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Economics writer Ed Rubenstein’s new report, “The Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Immigration: A Study in Fraud, Abuse, and Liberal Activism,” The author says immigrants collected about $12 billion from the EITC last year, the majority not paying a cent towards it. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found high school-dropouts-who headed households pay an average of $9,700 a year in taxes but collect an average of $32,138 a year in benefits. All this money in real dollars is procured from unaware taxpayers.

    Jobless American workers should–REMOVE–Sen.Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. Chuck Schumer and others listed on NUMBERSUSA website as they are conspirators, to defund the border fence, weaken or kill E-Verify, SAVE ACT, police enforcement program (247(g), and the Real ID act. or push for another AMNESTY Read these legislator nefarious resumes on pandering to OPEN-BORDER ENTITIES. Learn the truth, not propaganda by the left at NUMBERSUSA.

    Copy, Paste and Distribute freely.

  2. Brittancus says:

    Just enforce the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli law. Called the Immigration Reform and Control Act. It just was never ENFORCED–TO BE CLASSED AS BROKEN?

    There must be an awfully big pay-off by the greedy corporate communities to intensify their attacks against E-Verify? The US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU and other anti-sovereignty groups are profiting by placing a wrench in every cog, to stop enhancement of new immigration enforcement law. At each turn these open border organization have been condemned in every way possible, to annihilate E-Verify use in the workplace? Our Democratic free trader politicians have tried to weaken it, or eliminate it altogether even though it has grown in popularity, and shows a high 99.6 success margin. This is not just about the illegal immigration, it has manifested itself as an association, with the open border, free-traders. Free traders have a powerful agenda to open the border gates wide for foreign labor, much as they have in Europe. Now the Europeans have uneasy situation, that has been growing for years and will finally erupt into unrest by the indigenous people who have been ignored.

    Free trade have compromise the American workers, by intentionally lowering wages across the country, by introducing 20 million illegal aliens and families which Federal mandate says we have to feed, house and offer free medical services. The free traders label anybody who tries to cause any ripples in the commercial world, as protectionists. Protectionist or not? Our nation has a massive importation of cheap products–lose of millions of jobs–many being sucked up illegally by foreign nationals. Illegal immigration has undisclosed gigantic costs ranging into hundreds of billions in welfare, health care and education and a high percentage in our prison system. Not forgetting the massive amount of dollars in remittances illegal workers. to foreign banks, that should remain in America. With the invasion of illegal nationals, our schools have plummeted downwards in performance, with what privileged medical care we had, is now a place of last resort for the American poor.

    Our whole quality life has been comprised, by unheard of violence, mayhem caused by illegal aliens with criminal records, that our police have failed to eradicate. In many states their have been directives of non-compliance–a gag order not to question people of their legal status, specially in Sanctuary States like California. The public audience have already seen the terrible budget nightmare, brought on by mass illegal immigration into the once Golden State. Free trade I heard was $600 billion dollars in imports mostly owned by the communist Chinese. While the free traders have intimidated our politicians, they have certainly damaged our industrial base that in many states, shown by the presence of locked commercial properties. They remain hollow shells that once was thriving commerce, producing our own goods to export instead of investing in cheap products that have damaged our health, our infrastructure, that our government has mainly remained silent about?

    My thinking is to return to our old ways of doing business, as we are the largest consumer country in the world and do not need to genuflect to any other country. Their cheap labor, the poorly manufactured products and the importation of cheap labor has been a catastrophe for America. The final outrage US jobs spirited away, companies that our government offers huge tax incentives to even move overseas. We need to clear out the political free traders, open border zealots and all the other parasites within Washington? NUMBERSUSA, is a good place to start about our corrupted political system, the killing of E-Verify and other immigration enforcement tools. And the sacrilege of pushing for another AMNESTY, with even more people to support.

    All my comments or opinions, can be copied, pasted and distributed freely.

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