October 1, 2023
Annapolis, US 63 F

Did You Hear The One About….

Annapolis Threatens To Cancel Electionthree-stooges

  • The Mayor that refused to leave when her term ended?
  • The Mayoral Candidate that needed more time to raise money?
  • The other Mayoral Candidate that needed some time to finish his County Council term so it would not look so bad if he left mid-term?
  • The political machine that decided to cancel the election 4 months before a primary?

If this was not Annapolis, I would think it is a joke, but unfortunately it is not.  Sam Shropshire and Classie Hoyle have sponsored a bill to cancel the election this year and give Mayor Moyer more time to “manage” Annapolis. Of course that gives Shropshire more time to raise funds for his campaign, and of course Josh Cohen the ability to finish out a full term of elected office.  You can read the Charter Amendment for yourself, comment on it here, or head over to Capital Punishment and jon in the fray over there!

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