March 2, 2024
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Crofton Officials: What Crime?

Correction: Thanks to an alert reader, the second link below was the arrest for a prior crime. Including it may have led people to believe that the incidence of violent crime was higher. The intent was that Crofton seems to have evolved into something  more than the sleepy little burb that it once was.

West County Chamber And PTSO Heads In Sand

According to several quotes in The Capital, officials in the Crofton area are unaware of the issues that are beginning to plague their community.

According to  Lisa Elliot, president of the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization at Arundel High School, “The worst I’ve heard of is vandalism.”

The  Executive Director and CEO of the West Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, Claire Louder, claimed this incident was not a reflection on the area.

Lisa and Claire need to get out a bit more.  Perhaps in the last three months they missed the following:

These were all within the past 71 DAYS!

Crofton needs to admit they have a problem and it is likely to get worse now that school will be letting out.

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