April 22, 2024
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Calling Annapolis Residents

You may not know it, but there are two major initiatives going on in Annapolis with which every Annapolis resident ought to become familiar.

City Manager Petition

Currently, the City of Annapolis is run by the winner of a popularity contest. There are no municipal qualifications to become Mayor or an Alderman. As the last administration has shown, a lack of this experience can cost the city and the taxpayers.

However, many current council members, the current Mayor, and several Mayoral candidates are obviously opposed. Eye On Annapolis encourages you to visit the Annapolitans For A Better Community website and learn more about the City Manager initiative.  Learn the pros and the cons.  Since the current council failed to act on this, the citizens need a referendum on the ballot in September to make the decision.

Request a petition to sign. Please understand that you are signing a petition to simply get the QUESTION on the ballot. You are not necessariuly voting for a City Manager, just voting for the QUESTION to be posed to the city’s residents.

Fox For Mayor

If you are not a Democrat or a Republican, you cannot run for Mayor until you submit a petition (yes another petition) for inclusion on the ballot. Chris Fox is running for Mayor as an INDEPENDENT and needs to gather signatures to appear on the ballot in November.  Like the City Manager petition, this is not a vote FOR Chris Fox, but an assertion that you woudl like to see his name on the ballot in November. Come the election, you can vot for whomever you feel is the most qualified candidate.

In the interest of having open elections, we encourage our readers to support Chris Fox being listed o the ballot. For details on signing, please visit Chris Fox for Mayor.

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