May 21, 2024
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The Slot Machine Debate (Yet Again)


Anne Arundel Residents Upset Over Slots

Anne Arundel voters are up in arms about the very real chance that slots will appear near Arundel Mills. In a great rebuttal, at Mike’s Nether Land, the author lays out why he feels there should be slots. Personally, I am in favor of slots and have been for a while. On a core level, Mike is not. However, his post does have some great points. In part:

But the people of Maryland have spoken. They have overwhelmingly approved, endorsed and I assume welcome the return of gambling to the state. Now they should get what they asked for. They should be held accountable to themselves for whatever crime and traffic they were willing to foist upon the poor venues of the floundering thoroughbred racing industry in Baltimore and Laurel and upon the peaceful denizens of Cumberland and Garrett Counties.

No. If we expect our elected leaders to suffer or benefit politically for the policies they make, we should expect no less for ourselves when we make policy through ballot questions.

This reminds me of a group of homeowners that purchased wonderful homes backing up to open space in Bucks County Pennsylvania deeded to the State for a Route 202 Bypass. The actual route of the highway had been up for debate for literally decades and everyone thought it woudl never come. Well, it came. Despite the disclosures on the deed and the huge “Right Of Way” on the deed maps, these owners still pitched a fit–unsuccessfully I might add.

The language was very clear in the referendum–in Anne Arundel County, slots will be permitted within a 2 mile radius of MD 295.  Time to break out your kid’s compass and a map!

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