March 29, 2023
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Notes On A Greenip Resignation

The Capital reports today that Janet Greenip will be resigning in the next couple of days, and I think I might miss her. I might miss seeing the “constitutional amendment to defend the sanctity of marriage” bill, greenipthis year SB 647.

Is this a bill banning divorce? No. Is this a bill saying that people should go to marriage counseling before jumping the broom? Nope. Rather, it is a bill defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Oh! And civil unions too, just in case the gays go crazy and try to skirt the word “marriage.”

How about the 2009 bill that she authored that says that school buses need to be painted yellow (an existing federal law)?

But wait! Here in the wings is a suitable replacement. Tony McConkey, yes the GOP Delegate recently disbarred for violating a law he voted for (he acted as predator on a foreclosed home and had to give up his law license). (See Annapolis Capital Punishment)

Please Anne Arundel County Republicans, give us either Del. Bob Costa, who is sensible, actually responds to constituents and really does care about our county and the resources we receive from the state, or Ed Reilly, the county council president who has done a good job in managing our budget during these difficult times. Put someone sensible in that seat.

By authorizing foolish legislation and being on the outside of any kind of negotiations for state funds, Anne Arundel is losing out. We are in the bottom fourth of counties to receive state funding for education. Charles, Calvert, Howard, Prince Georges, Baltimore, Baltimore City, St. Mary’s, and a handful of others all receive more in per pupil spending and construction dollars than does Anne Arundel. In addition, although we are the seat of government, we receive less in transportation and other state support than
do other counties.

The legislators are divvying up the pie. Saying that, on principle, you are for smaller government in reality just means you are giving up your pieces of the pie to other jurisdictions. It doesn’t mean that the pie gets

And one other thing. Tony McConkey’s own website says that he has three priorities in the legislature. 1. Shrinking government; 2. Protecting 2nd amendment rights; 3. Protecting the life of the unborn.

Is his priority improving the lives of families and businesses in this county? Is his priority making sure that we have the resources we need to educate our future leaders? Is his priority making sure that in Anne Arundel we can provide jobs and health care? Is his priority keeping criminals off the streets? Providing the resources first responders need?


I urge county republicans to look out for the citizens and give us a state senator who will fight for us, look out for us and not just continue, year after year, to introduce and string of idiotic bills.

–The Observer

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  1. Like I’ve said on Twitter — the divorce rate should go down when gay people are allowed to marry. Straight people have proven that they are NOT good at staying married.

    Who am I to talk though? I am just a bitter queen who is into equal rights.

    Uncle Sam doesn’t like to dole out equal rights to citizens, but he sure does like to capture the full tax rate from each citizen.

    I have also found that many of the folks who argue against gay marriage are the first ones to defend the rights they think they are entitled to. My irony meter goes crazy when I think about that.

    The easiest solution would be to abolish all government recognition of marriage. Of course, that would never work, because the same people wanting to deny marriage for the next person, wants to defend their right to it.

    God created us all equally. To be against gay marriage, would be to judge others. To judge others would be doing God’s job. No human is permitted to do God’s job.

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