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Buddy’s Hearing Postponed

Iconic Buddy's Crabs & Ribs at the base of Main Street
Iconic Buddy's Crabs & Ribs at the base of Main Street

Buddy’s Crabs & Ribs Told To Come Back Later

It is beginning to seem that Buddy’s is more the subject of a witch hunt than any legal precedents.

The Arundel Muckraker is reporting that the hearing for Buddy’s liquor license renewal has been postponed until Friday, April 24, 2009 at 3:00pm.  The original meeting was apparently halted when the Board felt that Buddy’s attorney threatened them by stating that she would seek recompense for Buddy’s legal fees.  Being a quasi-judicial organization, they have the same protections as judges.

During the hearing, Chairman Charles M. Grayston asked, “What laws would you have me purposefully violate? The law says I can’t issue a 2 a.m. license today.” Why is Grayston all of a sudden leaning on the “law to make his case? He approved the license for every year of his term and no laws have been changed during his tenure. Does Grayston have a grudge to bear?  And in answer to his rhetorical question, we suggest that he violate the exact same ones he has been violating for the entire duration of his term.

It should  be noted that Ward 1 Alderman, Richard Israel who refused to substantively comment on the situation when asked, seemed to find his voice for yesterday’s hearing and spoke out against Buddy’s.

Buddy’s still needs the support of the local business community and patrons.

Please attend attend the hearing at:

3:00PM, Wednesday, April 24, 2009
City Hall
160 Duke of Gloucester Street
Annapolis, MD  21401

And if you are unable to attend, please send an email letter of support to Charles Grayston, Chairman of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board with a carbon copy to Kevin Blonder, Owner of Buddy’s Crabs & Ribs. That way nothing can get “lost” in the shuffle.

Remember that Buddy’s offers a lot to our community. They employ hundreds. They employ the mentally disadvantaged. They pay a huge tax bill every year. They are a destination and draw people to our town. They are good and long-time neighbors. They need our help!

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