May 18, 2024
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Are You Supporting Our Non Profit Organizations?

Non Profit Organizations Need Your Help

No, this is not a plea for money–although if you have some to spare, I am sure we can find some takers. In Anne Arundel County, part of the reason we have such a rich and fulfilling life is due to the efforts of the myriad of non-profit agencies that make life better for all of us. As this site continues to grow, we will continue to highlight these agencies on our non-profit page. We do this for free and as a community service.

So, what do we want from you? At minimum–a click. Please check out some of the resources we have here in the County. Click on the links below and explore some of the organizations. Get involved–if you can contribute money–cash is king. If you can contribute your time–equally as valuable. Can you contribute your experience or expertise? Also just as valuable. Do you need the assistance of one of these fine organizations? Please learn about their programs and take advantage of all they offer. Theyt all were formed with a common goal of helping others.

charityWhat are you waiting for? Start clicking:

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