March 30, 2023
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Twitter Q&A And A Twitter Challenge!

Eye On Annapolis Has Been Challenged And Needs Help!

Ever since we showed up on Twitter, we have received a few emails each day asking us what Twitter was all about. Well, you can go and Google it if you like and likely you may be even more confused as you sort through the 386 million results.

twitterTo be honest, I also grew tired of trying to explain it–hey I am just learning it as well, so I am certainly not the expert. But I am pretty handy at Google and after sifting through the 386 million results for you, I found the perfect explanation.  So if you have ever asked “what is Twitter”, please read Twitter demystified and debunked!

We have about 600 unique people read this blog each day and only abot 200 people following us on Twitter, so now that your curiosity is piqued, why not get your free account and follow us!  And for those in the know, follow us at @EyeOnAnnapolis.

So, what do you get when you follow us? Well, as soon as there is something new on the site, you will get a tweet (message) with a link. And throughout the day, if we find something that we think you may be interested in, we will tweet it–warning, some tweets may be irrelevant rants and completely non interesting to you, but hey, it’s our account!

On a side note (and a very important one), that pesky print publication What’s Up Annapolis and their sister rag What’s Up Eastern Shore threw down a Twitter Follower Challenge.  So, please help me not eat crow and give us a follow!  But if you must, you can follow them too @WhatsUpMags. But follow us first!

Looking forward to having you follow us and we promise a follow back!

John Frenaye
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  1. I am doing something a little different with the @AnnapolisAnchor Twitter account. Only Annapolis folks. In fact, I’ve blocked some other folks who I know are following for sake of following and nothing else.

    Now that my personal @JesseBarron has gotten past 600, I am starting to go through and weed people out. So much junk. I wonder how many people of those actually read my tweets.

    Now, another one of my Twitter accounts (@YourDebtDiet) — that one can be a free-for-all. I just want eyeballs. 210 followers in the last 14 hours after I started playing with that account last night. I followed each back.

    And then there is still yet another secret Twitter account of mine out there.

  2. Why woudl you want to exclude someone that is trying to find out more about Annapolis via Twitter? We had a follower from some other state ask us questions because she is looking for a job here. I agree with thinning the herd to a degree, but if you have a 100 loyal followers and a total of 1 million followers, if you reach 2 out of the majority that visit you, buy from you etc. isn;t that a good thing?

  3. I’m sorry, I should correct myself: I am not following “spammy” people back. Like the “social media gurus” that seem to number in the millions on Twitter. I follow all “real” (yes, I know everyone is real) people back.

    I’ve learned with my other accounts that there is a critical number where following too many people back causes you to miss way too much. Even when I filter the people I follow in TweetDeck. I don’t know exactly what that number is, but I’ve started pruning my other accounts because I’ve missed too much.

    So to correct myself, I follow individuals back that are not using Twitter solely as a marketing tool.

    Now with my @YourDebtDiet, I will follow everyone back. That is an account that *I* am using for marketing purposes. I will keep an eye out for @replies but won’t otherwise try to follow conversations not related to me.

    I do try to follow conversations with @AnnapolisAnchor and @JesseBarron

    Jesse Barron’s last blog post..Soldier Found Dead in Annapolis

  4. And what I really wanted to comment about but forgot to since I am so exhausted:

    I am talking about people that I follow back. I’ve only blocked some obviously spammy Twitter accounts — like the one’s with auto blog feeds where the account owner does zero interacting…their Twitter is on autopilot and they probably rarely log in.

    If a person from Omaha, NE following 500 people follows @AnnapolisAnchor then I assume its because they are interested in Annapolis.

    If a person from “Somewhere, USA” following 32,845 people and only tweets affiliate links — I am not following them back. If I deem them to be too fake then I just block.

    Jesse Barron’s last blog post..Soldier Found Dead in Annapolis

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