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The “How To” Post

faqOnce again, thank you for visiting and helping Eye On Annapolis to continue to grow. Since our launch at the beginning of the month, we have seen each subsequent day bring more readers. With more readers come more questions. So hopefully this mini-FAQ will help.

  • COMMENTS: We love comments. It is obvious we are an opinionated site and we make no apologies for that. But we want your opinions as well. At the bottom of each post is a blue bar. There will be a message about commenting (it changes depending on how many comments are already posted)–click on it and give us your thoughts. You do not need to register to comment. And perhaps the best reason to offer up a comment is to encourage the people that are writing these posts–let them know you appreciate their opinion and work–or let them know you don’t.
  • EMAIL THIS POST: Right next to the comment link is one that will let you email the post to a friend, colleague or enemy. Just click on the link and fill in the email address and off it goes. We do not collect the email addresses and we do not spam, so don;t worry about that.
  • PRINT THIS POST: And right next to the email link is one that will allow you to print the post on your local printer. We took care of the formatting for you.
  • OUR LAYOUT: For the most part, our content (the meat of the site) is in the middle column. The right column will be search tools, tag clouds, and a list of non-profit organizations in the County that can use your support. Please support them.  We also offer free links to local businesses and websites. These are also in the right column and you also should support them when you can. The left column is reserved for our paid advertisers. We do need to pay the bills, so please toss us a click every now and then and support both this site as well as our advertisers.
  • THE NON-PROFIT PAGE: As an extension of our non-profit links, we have our non-profit page. If you are looking for more information on what a particular agency does, check out that page for the answers as well as a means to contact them.
  • SEARCHING: We have tried to make searching the site as easy as possible. Way up in the top, there is a search box. Give it a shot and put in a search term and hit enter and view the results. You can also search by category using the drop down box in the right column. Categories are general, well categories about the post’s topic or topics. You can also search by tags. Tags are similar to categories, and our entries have a lot of them. An entry might have a category of  “State Politics” and then have tags for “Governor, O’Malley, Senate, House Bill 1234”, etc. In the right column, there is a “tag cloud” which is a rotating orb with all the tags. If you drag your mouse over it, it will speed up and slow down.  If you see a tag that interests you–click on it and view the results.
  • READING: We all know how to read, but we only have the full posts on the front page for the first few articles. The rest will be excerpts. To read the full article, click on the title and it will appear. Some articles may be long. So we don’t take up the entire front page, with longer articles, you may see a “Click Here To Read More” link.
  • SUBSCRIBING: If you want to be kept up to date on all of the new updates on the site, you can subscribe. Unlike the newspaper, there is no cost. Up top, above the search box, there are three icons. The orange one will subscribe you to the posts. These will be delivered to you and placed in your browser favorites each time a post is updated. Clicking on the email icon will allow you to enter an email address and have the latest updates sent once per day to your email address. And the last icon will allow you to subscribe to the comments–so if you made a comment and want to see if someone answered you back, this will do it!

And, if you have any questions or comments, please send them to us. We want to make this site “your” site and we are very interested in your thoughts and ideas.  Our email address is [email protected]

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