June 10, 2023
Annapolis, US 56 F

Scams Abound

Just a heads up to everyone. With the economy on shaky ground, scams small and large are going to spring up. If you are not careful, they will bite you in the butt.

grocerycart_lJust last night, I was at an un-named local grocery store–you know one of the large regional chains. It was a Friday afternoon and it was busy. I applied my 10% off coupon and then asked about putting in my frequent shopper card and was told with the coupon, they needed to use the “store account”. OK whatever, I wanted to leave.  I then verified that I did get my frequent shopper discounted prices and proceeded to ask for $50 cash back from the transaction. After a bunch of activity explaining my credit for my reusable bags (Happy Sam?), and showing the discounts, I left the store.

A few hours later at dinner, I went to pay for the check with my $50 and realized she had not given it to me. Was this a scam? Was it an honest mistake? I tend to believe in people so I assured myself that it was an honest mistake. But then, I started to think about the darned frequent shopper card. The store wants to know what I buy. I want to get credit for the money I spend. This began to smell.

I went back to the store knowing that unless there was video evidence, it was my word against theirs. I approached a manager and asked about it. He initially told me that  an audit (for a drawer overage) would not be done till the following morning, and then he asked if I remembered the clerk or lane. Sure enough he looked at an interim audit and her drawer was OVER by close to $300.

So, he gave me the $50 and I was a happy camper, but I have to wonder how many others this employee “forgot” to give the money to? And was she able to get some of the cash into her pocket before the interim audit?  I also wonder to whose account my purchases were credited?

It’s not a huge scam, but be careful out there!

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