February 2, 2023
Annapolis, US 37 F

Politics In Annapolis: Not For The Weak At Heart

annapoliscitylogorUPDATE: We have received a copy of the memo from Mayor Ellen Moyer. To read it, please click here.

It seems that two local blogs have stirred the pot in Annapolis City Hall.Apparently, Annapolis Mayor, Ellen Moyer is not happy that two City Aldermen (Ross Arnett and Dick Israel) spoke with The Arundel Muckraker regarding some no-bid contracts awarded to some of her political supporters.

While we do not have a copy yet, it is reported that the Mayor has sent a scathing memo to the two Aldermen demanding to know why they spoke with The Muckraker, rather than her, if they had concerns. In the memo, she reportedly accuses two local bloggers (presumably The Arundel Muckraker and Capital Punishment) of having a personal vendetta to “discredit” and “damage” the Mayor professionally and personally.

Stay tuned. This might get interesting.

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  1. Seems like most of our annapolis cronies are spending too much mulah on illegals and not enough on the citizens of maryland.. 1 in 50 kids are homeless in america and This state spend at least millions on illegals and casa and now in annapolis this morning, Some latino group is asking for $500,000 for latino business’ so they can have nice looking store fronts.. I wonder when my italian familiy will get the much needed pasta maker..

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