September 28, 2023
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Leopold Not Out Of The Backseat Woods Yet

With Monday’s snow, the grilling of Anne Arundel County Police Chief James Teare had to wait until last night. And as in any good mystery, it appears the plot thickens.

Out of the meeting, more questions arose:

County Executive John R. Leopold (Rep)
County Executive John R. Leopold (Rep)
  • Who owns the silver SUV that was reported? Apparently it belongs to a County employee.
  • Why does department policy allow a non-responding officer to “clear” a call?
  • Why won’t John Leopold discuss it?
  • Why didn’t he have his security detail?

So now, the Council is taking this “behind the scenes” to discuss. So much for governmental transparency in the Leopold administration.

Some have said this is a political ploy–I think not since the inquiry is stemming from a fellow Republican and is being demanded by the constituency.  Come on John, why won’t you just answer a few questions and put this thing out of its misery?

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