May 18, 2024
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Illegal Frustrations

icelogoIt seems that Anne Arundel County is becoming frustrated. Way back on June 30, 2008, Federal agents, in cooperation with the local authorities raided a business accused of hiring illegal immigrants. Charges were filed, but nothing has happened.

I guess we live in an “innocent till proven guilty” society, but the wheels of progress certainly seem to move slow. One has to wonder how much can be sheltered in eight months.

The illegal immigrants are a problem for any number of reasons and it seems that very few are immune. In a forgotten story, it appears that there are dozens of illegal immigrants whw were working at the County owned Compass Pointe and Eisenhower golf courses. Billy Casper Golf is the management company under contract with the county. When the police told them of an I-9 audit, they told their employees. Some of who quit immediately and others who just disappeared. Makes you wonder.

But the rhetoric coming from the County at the time (July 2008) was that the County would terminate the contract. Yet, according tot he Casper website, they are still managing both courses.  So what has happened? Did the County drop the ball?  Is eeems so.

It also seems a bit disingenuous to upset with the Federal government for their slow pace when your own pace is equally slow if not slower!

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