September 21, 2023
Annapolis, US 75 F

Grasping For Straws

mudwrestleWell it seems that Annapolis City’s “acting” Attorney has teamed up with the Mayor to grasp one last straw to see if there is anything that can be done to salvage her “legacy”.  It seems that Kling is advising the City to seize the property under “eminent domain“. But, can a City actually seize property it already owns? This seems like another court battle in the making.

If successful, Mayor Ellen O. Moyer might be able to salvage an already tarnished eight years in office. If not, it could end up at the end of a long line of law suits against the City.

There are two  solutions to the Market House debacle. One is to buy the darned lease out. The City does not have a solid, slam dunk, case so it can go either way in court.  If Site Realty prevails, it will cost taxpayers many millions of dollars, and in the interim, we will have a vacant Market House.The other is for our Mayor to challenge Site Realty to a mud wrestling match and the winner takes all. An admission would be charged and the proceeds directed to local charities. And more importantly, our mudwrestling (versus slinging) Mayor would be a hands on favorite to win. Site would not know what hit them!

Buy out the lease. It is a 20 year $100,000 per year lease. Agree to pay Site Realty $2 million and make it go away and start over again–this time do it right.  You can be assured Site is not interested in litigating this, and to be honest, they probably would be happy to never hear the word “Annapolis” again.

Stop coming up with idiotic ideas and move forward with it. “Acting” City Attorney Kling has recently been reinstated to practice law, so at least there will be legally qualified counsel to represent the City.

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