May 18, 2024
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Do Judges Ever Get It?

sex-offenderJudge Thomas J. Pryal has reduced the bail of a 32 year old man charged with sexually abusing a 3 year old girls while she was at her daycare center.

Bail was initially set at $2 million but the Judge apparently felt that was excessive and reduced it to $250,000 with a warning that if he made bail, not to go near children.

The man, Jose Pablo Ramirez-Velasquez is an unemployed mason from El Salvador. It is doubtful that the reduction in the bail amount will allow him his freedom, but it does certainly send a message–the wrong one.

Within two days, we have a viloent murderer with a long rap sheet given life in prison–only to have it reduced to 15 years!  And now, we apparently feel that sexual abuse of a 3 year old (yes that is right—3 year old) qualifies for a reduction in bail. This is not my child, but I have to say, if it were, I’d be sitting in the cell and Jose would be on a plane to El Salvador for burial!

When we get the opportunity, we need to make sure we vote for the right judges, and the right politicians who appoint them!  And if you are interested in seeing if there are any pedophiles in your neighborhood, please visit the National Sex Offender Registry.

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