June 13, 2024
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Chesapeake Bay Health Not So Good

In a report released today, Chesapeake Bay Program said:

The bay continues to have poor water quality and degraded habitats. The report cited pollutants caused by agriculture and suburban runoff.

baybridge123Frankly, this is not surprising at all, when you consider the size of the Bay and all of the surrounding areas and events that affect it. While Maryland had a relatively mild winter (despite what BGE says), our neighbors to the North had it a little bit more rough. I wonder how many thousands of tons of  sodium chloride was spread on our roads only to end up polluting our Bay?

We have all seen what the road salt does to carpets in our homes, finishes on our vehicles, and to the roads and bridges it is designed to protect. Now imagiune what it does for the habitat of the Bay.

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