April 24, 2024
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BREAKING NEWS: 2 School Buses Crash In Riva


UPDATE: 3:47pm. Apparently after the driver who caused the accident gave his statement to the police, he was allowed to continue on his route in a new bus. Why doesn’t the school district require some sort of interrogation and a drug test after an accident like this? We are not saying that he was under the influence, but most companies that operate fleets do have that as a regulation. It may even be a requirement of the State.

UPDATE: 3:31pm. Replacement buses on scene. Uninjured kids being taken home.

UPDATE: 3:07pm. All students on the second bus appear to not have any injuries. Unknown as to the status of the first bus. Currently 2 ambulances are still on the scene treating injuries.

UPDATE: 2:45pm. Approximately 8 ambulances are on the scene and police are taking statements from the students on the bus.

Two school buses carrying high school students have reportedly crashed at the intersection of Beard’s Point and Riva Roads.  From text messages from students on one bus, no serious injuries.  Police are just arriving on the scene.  Apparently one bus rear ended the other bus which was stopped at the intersection, busting out the windshield of the striking bus and the rear window of the struck bus.

The one bus (the striking bus) serves the Riva Farms neighborhood and it is assumed both are transporting students from South River High School

As anyone familiar with the intersection knows, it is a dangerous one with no stop sign. It is treated as a merge from Beard’s Point onto Riva Road.

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