March 23, 2023
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BGE Complaints Up 100%

bgelogoThe Baltimore Spectator is reporting that the Office of External Affairs is hiring two more employees to keep up with the influx of complaints regarding BGE’s billing practices.  According to the Baltimore Spectator, an employee of the OEA is quotes as saying, “Our calls are up 100% from this time last year. ”

As has been reported here, BGE has come under fire from the State’s PSC and recently was caught over inflating their bills by estimating usage at three times actual.

The PSC has temporarily placed a moratorium on utility service disconnections until they can sort out this mess.  And they said deregulation would be good? Is it any wonder they are showing a terrific profit and are able to offer their executives such wonderful bonuses? As the Spectator suggests, maybe the color gree in their logo has nothing to do with environmental concern after all!

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  1. Our gas bill went up an extra $200 and because of a waterline that feeds hot water to our furnace burst, we didn’t even have heat in our house for over a week and a half and no water and still for that month it was $200 more. We used our fireplace and bought water and heated it in the microwave. Used no gas whatsoever.
    We called, they said that was how much we used and end of story. What really can you do? If you don’t pay, they turn you off. It’s disgusting.

  2. Chris–I would certainly send a certified letter to them and then make sure you CC the PSC on it. I think BGE is getting away with some pretty unscrupulous things.

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