December 10, 2023
Annapolis, US 53 F

An Annapolis Tea Party?

We are not talking about tea at Reynolds Tavern or at the British Shop in West Annapolis. We are talking a real revolt. Right here in Maryland!  From the Facebook Event Page:

MARYLAND! This is a CALL to stand up for your freedoms!!! Our Local, State, and National governments are over spending on bailouts and footing the bill to US! The taxpayers! They are also using this economic crisis to pass legislation that is expanding government and stripping away our rights and civil liberties! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP AND FIGHT! This is NOT a Republican or Democratic issue. Your help is needed to show our representatives in government, both legislative and executive that what they are doing is wrong and UNAMERICAN! Please come out and show your support for the cause to end the bailouts and create sensible American solutions towards our current economic problems. Help tell our ELECTED officials that we need an end to the Hoover-style corporate welfare that is sponsored by hard working American citizens. This TAX DAY TEA PARTY will follow in the foot steps of our first citizens that saw injustice in the rule of their leaders, and were unfairly taxed by an oppressive government. Annapolis has always been a pivotal city in preserving this “Free State” and great nation’s liberty, please support Freedom and protest tyranny!!!

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th from noon to 2pm at the Susan G. Campbell Park at City Dock in Annapolis.boston_tea_party_1_lg

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