March 21, 2023
Annapolis, US 53 F

A Teenager Speaks

I learned about this video from my high school sophomore. Apparently this Arundel High School student has become somewhat of an Internet sensation.  I disagree. I wonder how his parents feel? OR how his employer feels? Or the admission officer at a college he has applied to feels?  Caution: VERY severe language.

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  1. He’s a senior in high school, no offense, but get over it. People make videos just like this and post them on youtube ALL THE TIME. This one just so happened to be funny because it’s incredibly true. Your sophomore kid obviously needs to get out more if he or she is running to you over this video. I highly doubt he will get penalized over his true opinions and feelings. It’s called freedom of speech. No one was harmed or had a life changing revelation over this video. Grow up, please.

  2. Freedom of speech is a good thing and just as you have the right to you opinion, others have the right to theirs. This kid has the right to his as well. But I can tell you that if he came to me looking for a job and I discovered this…thanks but no thanks

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