March 21, 2023
Annapolis, US 45 F

A Secret Clinic

freeclinicEvery now and then The Capital uncovers a hidden gem for our community, sometimes it takes a first hand perspective to really get just how good this program really is.

From the local blog, The Annapolis Anchor,  Jesse Barron seconds The Capital’s praises and tells us that Sandi Shanahan is doing fabulous things by offering her “pay if and as you can” clinic for uninsured children at the Allen Apartments located off of Old Forest Drive. The clinic is only open on Tuesdays and as a Certified Nurse Practitioner, she is able to write prescriptions.

Shanahan will have a website operational by the end of the month. In these trying times, this woman is truly an angel, and this website encourages any support you can offer.

Jesse Barron has recently moved into the neighborhood and reports that much like Clay Street, the neighborhood has a bad reputation–undeserved. The community is turning around. He says his neighbors are fantastic and having lived in Ellicott City, Millersville, and Hunt Valley (the Official Maryland Communities of Yuppiedom) he says that by far this is the best! Annapolis..yuppie? Who would have ever thought!

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  1. Well the Starbucks people haven’t inquired about installing a store in my basement so we still have a little bit further to go.

    I do love this neighborhood. Annapolis Towne Centre is three feet away, the mall four, the hospital five and downtown five. Or so it seems.

    Plus I love that even though I live in a new house, it’s in an established neighborhood. I’ve pretty much always lived on the fringe in suburbia where I had to get in my car to go anywhere. I enjoy walks much more now.

    The ironic thing is that I also lived in Mount Vernon in the city. Even there I had to get in my car a lot of times. Not here.

    The sad thing though is I had no idea this clinic served the area until now. I also had no idea that the police had a sub-station in the area.

    I should probably open my eyes when I go on my walks?

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