May 20, 2024
Annapolis, US 69 F

When Does Political Correctness End?

As if our state legislators do not have enough work on their hands in our short season, (Can anyone say slots or deficit?) in the name of political correctness, Delegate Pam Beidle (D-Linthicum) has introduced legislation to change our State song to something less offensive.

First we apologize for slavery; hoping that by some miraculous act of time travel, that our apology will erase the whole episode from our history books. We now have members of the Catholic Church denying that there ever was a Holocaust and lining up behind the President of Iran. Is the denial of history the “new black”?

There are disheartening episodes in any history, but by their virtues, they are indeed our history. Accept it and move on. And for crying out loud, stop apologizing for things of which we have no control. What’s next? Will O’Malley apologize for beating up Rhianna?

But seriously Pam, even with the stimulus payment, we are looking at a $600M budget deficit. Can’t you think of something a little more appropriate to legislate than a song that offended some 4th graders at Glen Burnie Park Elementary. Maybe like figuring out how to make the slots issue work as the voters wanted?

What do you think? Do we have perhaps a few more pressing issues? Please comment while I go apologize for trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat!

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