December 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 54 F

Just What Was Leopold Doing?

The controversy surrounding Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold refuses to die. And probably for good classifiedreason.  In last evening’s Capital, our Police Chief defended his department’s action and the County Executive. His comments, to me seemed evasive and incomplete. If Leopold has nothing to hide, why not just go ahead and humor the public and dignify us with an answer?

To Chief Teare, who will be answering to the County Council next Monday night, I have the following questions:

  • Have you listened to the dispatch? The location, make, model, and description of the two suspect cars was very clear. Why did your officer need to make three passes (after identifying it as the County Executive’s car) to stop? Perhaps a quick tap on the siren as a warning shot?
  • How is it that it takes your officers 30 minutes to write me a ticket for a moving violation, yet can determine that the call is “unfounded” in 73 seconds. Chief, they probably can’t get out of their car in 73 seconds! And just how did he see through those “darkly tinted windows that obscure any view inside except through the windshield”?
  • You claim that there was not a woman in the car with Leopold. Was there another person?
  • If all of this is is indeed “unfounded”, why all the secrecy?  It just reeks of a cover up.
  • While I am sure Leopold is used to the backseat of his car, his security detail was not with him. I know when my security detail is not with me, I tend to ride in the front.

Monday will be interesting. But unless Chief Teare was there, I am not sure anything wil be concluded. Why isn’t the officer who responded going to testify? That only makes sense to me.

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