September 27, 2023
Annapolis, US 60 F

I’ll Have A Number 13 Meal Please

Edgewater has made national headlines. According to The Capital and other news sources, an employee was selling marijuana via the drive through.

A McDonald’s employee has been charged with selling marijuana from a drive-through window in Edgewater, county police said.

For the past month, police have investigated drug activity at the McDonald’s at 113 Mitchells Chance Road. Police said undercover detectives ordered food from the restaurant and pulled up to the cashier at the first drive-through window.

After paying for the food, the detectives bought marijuana from the employee and drove away.

So just how does this transaction go down? Ask a “high”-schooler. But apparently for those that are into the marijuana scene, there is a secret “code” to indicate you are looking to purchase pot–and it is not relegated only to McDonald’s. Just order a combination meal one “higher” than is offered on the menu. If they are selling, you will purchase one expensive happy meal. If not, they will explain that their combos only go up to whatever number.

Another “code” is to ask for extra lettuce on a sandwich. And a word to the wise, this only happens in the drive-thrus–I suppose for an easy getaway!

**Thanks to an anonymous high school student for the insight!

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