March 28, 2023
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Hacking In North County

And although it is flu season we are talking about computers, kids, and grades.hacker_d70focus_1

While trying to change your grade is by no means a new concept, I question how this happened with a school district that spends millions on cyber security?

Chesapeake High School is trying to locate the students involved and to find out how many grades were affected. Apparently it is not the actual grade that has been changed but an “assignment” that will undoubtedly have an effect on the final grade.

While administrators are looking to punish the culprits appropriately, what are they doing about the people that programmed the security?  It seems to me that routine backups and synchronizations coupled with some more on hands supervision by staff would be able to isolate the incident and identify (or at least narrow down) the kids responsible.

We are living in a technological world and it appears our children are more prepared for it than their teachers and mentors. Of course, after the “incident in Severna Park a few years back with the AP exams, one has to wonder how accurate any of the repoting is!

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  1. Last year, my daughter was accused of changing some things in the layout of her HS yearbook. They traced the changes to her account. Unfortunately, every single person in the yearbook class was given the same password, and there was no way for the student to change it. I was ready to give the school a lesson in Cyber Security, since I have worked in that field for 27 years, but apparently someone finally fessed up as to who really did it. Why they used my daughter’s account to do it (as opposed to someone elses) is still a mystery.

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