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The season will kick off on Friday, September 19, 2014 with the Deanna Bogart Band. An award-winning singer and songwriter, Bogart performs what she calls “blusion” a combination of boogie-woogie, blues, country and jazz. Tickets are $22.50 for Chesapeake Arts Center Members and $25 for non-members ($23.50 for military).

Another new series, Jazz on Sundays, kicks off on Sunday, September 21 at 3:00pm in the Studio 194 Theatre, featuring musician Doug Byerly and Marty Knepp. Byerly heads the AACC performing Arts department; Knepp is also at the community college as a music professor. Four more Jazz on Sundays concerts are scheduled for November 9 with Tyler Bartram, December 21 with Kristin Callahan, February 15 with Quartet 122 and Sunday, March 22 with Dance on Bones. Dance on Bones is what happens when 4 jazz musicians and 4 actors throw a script in the air, and perform the pages in the order they land! Join us- what happens, is truly, up in the air!

At the Hammonds Lane Theatre at 7:30pm on September 27th, 2014, fans of Sweet Adelines barbershop harmony will enjoy the Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus presenting “LOL”- a family-themed show. You do not want to miss this evening of laughs and heartwarming music with several special guests performances including Harbor City’s very own International 5th place Quartet, Lustre, International Competitors, Escapade Quartet…and more!

The “Be the Band” hosted by the Chesapeake Arts Center is meant to find outstanding musicians and help our community rock out like they were meant to with live music! Seven bands of all types of genres/ all ages will have the opportunity to compete on Saturday, October 4th at 4:30pm in the Studio 194 Theatre. The three bands picked will compete in its final round of the “Be the Band” on Saturday, October 25th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10.00.

Another October event is a performance in the Hammonds Lane Theatre by illusionist The Amazing Kreskin, who for 50 years has amazed audiences. The fact that there are rumors, as well as apparent witnesses, experiencing the ghostly presence of spirits in Baltimore, Amazing Kreskin will reawaken that awareness and cause “sightings” of these spirits by audience members on the Theater stage. A show you’ll never forget! Tickets are $22.50 for CAC members and $25 for non-members. (Military $23.50)

Get ready to laugh! Hack and Slash presents “Dangerslash” comedy show on Friday, October 17 and Saturday, October 18 in the Studio 194 theatre. Blazing bullwhips, dizzying heights, flying knives and blatant violation of child labor laws. Spencer “Slash” Humm presents an evening of dangerous, stunt-standup-comedy! Spence will confound audiences with feats of balance, action-hero daring and verbal kung-fu. For more information visit, www.hackandslash.com

Looking further ahead, on November 6, The National Players presents two different plays in the Hammonds Lane theatre. “The Tempest” at 10:15am and “As you like it” at 8:00pm. Tickets $15.00 for Adults; $10.00 for children; group rates available by calling the Box Office at 410-636-6597 for 10 or more children $6.00 each.

On November 15, the Chesapeake Arts Center Presents Shenandoah Run at 7:30pm in the Studio 194 Theatre. Shenandoah Run blends vintage and contemporary folk music in a manner that appeals to all listeners. Tickets are $18 for seniors (62+) and CAC-members, $19.00 Military, $10.00 for children 12 & under and $20 for non-members.

Hack & Slash returns to the Chesapeake Arts Center in December for Baltimore’s most popular holiday comedy event! Music, comedy, and goodwill come together in this annual extravaganza for the “Hack and Slash Christmas shows. Save the dates: 12.4-12.6, 12.11-12.13, & 12.18-12.20. More information on the show, visit www.hackandslash.com

In January, you can catch a few local bands at the CAC! On January 3, 2015, Leo and Cyngus will perform in the Studio 194 Theatre along with a unique art show in the Gallery. On Saturday, January 10th, Ellis Woodward and special guest will perform in the “Writers in the Round” show. And, Annapolis local bands, Swampcandy and Black Rhinoceros will perform on Saturday, January 24th . Swampcandy brings energy or sets the mood with songs that range from stomping blues and boogie to intimate ballads that harken back to days of yore. Black Rhinoceros is an indie rock band with energy and flare. Tickets $10.00

Much more is ahead for the “Exploring Our Roots” 2014-2015 season at the Chesapeake Arts Center. Tickets are available by calling the Box Office or visit our website at www.Chesapeakearts.org .

2014-2015 “Exploring Our Roots” Chesapeake Arts Center Season:

  • 9.19 The Deanna Bogart Band at 8:00pm in the Hammonds Lane Theatre $22.50-$25.00
  • 9.21 Jazz on Sunday w/ Doug Byerly & Marty Knepp in the Studio 194 Theatre at 3:00pm $10-$15.00
  • 9.25 Meet the Artist Reception with Lexi Pline at the Aloft BWI Hotel 5:30-7:30pm-Free!
  • 9.27 Harbor City Music Show Chorus presents “LOL” in the Hammonds Lane Theatre at 7:30pm $4-25
  • 10.4 CAC “Be the Band” Round 3 in the Studio 194 Theatre at 4:30pm $10.00
  • 10.17-10.18- Hack & Slask Presents “Dangerslash Comedy Show” in Studio 194 Theatre
  • 10.19 The Amazing Kreskin in the Hammonds Lane Theatre at 4:00pm $22.50-$25.00
  • 10.24 The Raven and the Writing Desk in the Studio 194 Theatre at 8:00pm –Pay What You Can!
  • 10.25 Be the Band Final Round in the Studio 194 Theatre at 7:30pm $10.00
  • 11.6 The National Players Presents “ The Tempest” in Hammonds Lane Theatre at 10:15am $6-$15.00
  • 11.6 The National Players Presents “ As you like it” in Hammonds Lane Theatre at 8:00pm $6-$15.00
  • 11.9 Jazz on Sunday w/ Tyler Bartram in the Studio 194 Theatre at 3:00pm $10-$15.00
  • 11.15 Shenandoah Run in the Studio 194 Theatre at 7:30pm $10-$20.00
  • 11.20 Thanks –for-giving :CAC Members Application Party in the Studio 194 Theatre at 6:30pm
  • 12.4-12.6 Hack and Slash Christmas Show in the Studio 194 Theatre
  • 12.11-12.13 Hack and Slash Christmas Show in the Studio 194 Theatre          
  • 12.18-12.20 Hack and Slash Christmas Show in the Studio 194 Theatre
  • 12.20 Chesapeake Arts Center’s Annual Tree Lighting-Free
  • 12.21 Jazz on Sunday w/ Kristin Callahan in the Studio 194 Theatre at 3:00pm $10-15.00
  • 1.3 Leo & Cyngus & Gallery Art Show in the Studio 194 Theatre at 7pm $10
  • 1.10 Writer in the round w/Ellis Woodward & special guest in Studio 194 Theatre
  • 1.24 Swampcandy & Black Rhinoceros in the Studio 194 Theatre at 7:30pm $10
  • 2.15 Jazz on Sunday w/ Quartet 122 & students in studio 194 Theatre at 3:00pm $10-$15.00
  • 2.21 2nd Annual Playwright Festival
  • 3.12 Tasty Monster Productions presents Ferdinand in Studio 194 Theatre at 10:30am $5-$10
  • 3.19 CAC Friend-Raiser Event in the Hammonds Lane Theatre at 5:30pm
  • 3.22 Jazz on Sunday w/ Dance on Bones in the Studio 194 Theatre at 3pm $10-$15.00
  • 3.27 CAC New Work: Cutting Edge of Teenage Life
  • 4.25 2nd Annual CAC Arts in the Park Festival 11am-3pm-Free!
  • 5.19-5.21 Imagination Stage Blue in the Studio 194 Theatre at 10:30am $5-$10.00
  • 6.14 Free Military Appreciation Concert in the Hammonds Lane Theatre
  • 6.26 Free Military Appreciation Concert in the Hammonds Lane Theatre
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Upcoming Local Shows at Rams Head On Stage
September 18 Asleep At The Wheel
September 19 The Sax Pack feat. Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, Marcus Anderson plus special guest Marc Antoine (6:30 Show)
September 19 The Sax Pack feat. Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, Marcus Anderson plus special guest Marc Antoine (9:30 Show)
September 20 Steve Earle
September 20 Albert Castiglia & Damon Fowler
September 21 Dishwalla, Nine Days and Stroke 9
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Pantelides nominates controversial City Manager http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/pantelides-nominates-controversial-city-manager/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/pantelides-nominates-controversial-city-manager/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 14:25:31 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92322 Thomas C. Andrews, nominee for Annapolis City Manager. (Photo:  WXIA-TV Atlanta>

Thomas C. Andrews, nominee for Annapolis City Manager. (Photo: WXIA-TV Atlanta

Annapolis Mayor, Mike Pantelides has nominated Thomas C. Andrews to lead the City through his administration. The City has been without a permanent City Manager since January when Pantelides fired City Manager Mike Mallinoff. Mallinoff was replaced by Assistant City Manager Virginia Burke who abruptly resigned in March. Her replacement was Brian Woodward (then Parks & Rec Director) who abruptly resigned in July. He was replaced by David Jarrell (then Public Works Director) who still holds the position.

The nominee will likely have a difficult time being confirmed by the council. Eye On Annapolis spoke to several members of the council who have immediately expressed deep concern over Andrews’ nomination. Andrews was charged and found guilty of racial discrimination and ultimately cost Fulton County nearly $1.5 million dollars in a jury verdict because of his actions.

Anne Arundel History

In 1999, Andrews was the land-use officer for the county and was embroiled in an investigation where he deviated from the law to facilitate a developer without any public input. In the end, a panel found that there was no wrong-doing, however they did state that they deviated from policy to facilitate the change.  Shortly before the decision, Andrews resigned to take a position as County Manager for Fulton County, Georgia.  (Baltimore Sun article).

In an interesting connection, the developer in the Anne Arundel case was Annapolis Developers Associates; and current Assistant City Manager Bob Agee, was a partner in that company which ultimately brought the scrutiny of the FBI and the Anne Arundel County Ethics Commission in to investigate.  In 2005, Agee was working as the Annapolis City Administrator under Mayor Ellen Moyer. During that period, Agee was the key person in the Market House debacle.

Fulton County Lawsuit

In August of 2012, a jury found Fulton County and Andrews guilty of racial discrimination and awarded an employee $300,000 in the lawsuit.  A man was passed up for a promotion based on his race because a commissioner and Andrews wanted a black woman to fill the open position. According to testimony, Andrews  referred to employees as “black marbles” and “white marbles.’  Like in Anne Arundel County, Andrews resigned the position shortly before the jury verdict was returned.

WSB-TV2 Video

Later, after the employee was awarded the $300,000 in 2012, a judge increased the award by an additional $1.18 million. The employee was serving as an acting department head and was passed over for the position which ultimately went to a black woman who had not even interviewed for the position according to court records. The plaintiff’s position was eliminated in 2010.

According to Annapolis Mayor Pantelides’ press release, Andrews has held three positions since leaving Fulton County in 2012.

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Annapolis mayor appoints manager, attorney http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/annapolis-mayor-appoints-manager-attorney/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/annapolis-mayor-appoints-manager-attorney/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 12:59:14 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92320 EOA_Logo_Web200HAnnapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides announced his nominations for City Manager and City Attorney. He will request confirmation of both at the Monday, September 22, City Council meeting.

Mayor Pantelides has appointed Thomas C. Andrews to the position of City Manager. He has more than 40 years of government management experience with demonstrated expertise in Strategic Planning, Operations Analysis, Intergovernmental Relations, Environmental Management and Fiscal Operations and Budgeting. Mr. Andrews brings federal, state and local government experience to the position including, Director of the Marine Mammal & Endangered Species Division at the U.S. Department of Commerce-National Marine Fisheries Service, Assistant Secretary for Water, Energy and Minerals at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of the Environment, County Manager for Fulton County, Georgia, and Chief Administrative Officer, Land Use and Environment Officer, and Health Officer for Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

The City Manager selection process involved a national search, with the City’s Human Resources Department collecting a total of 47 applications from 23 states. They screened the applications and eliminated 22 applications based on credentials. A nine-member review panel, consisting of local business and government leaders, reviewed the remaining 25 applications. Once the candidates were ranked, five members of the review panel participated in an interview process, recommending their top six candidates to the mayor. Mayor Pantelides then interviewed four of the candidates before choosing Mr. Andrews.

The mayor has also appointed Michael G. Leahy as the City Attorney and will nominate him for confirmation on Monday, September 22. Mr. Leahy is a legal professional with significant experience as a senior executive, attorney, regulator and policy maker. He brings experience in land use and environmental regulation, development finance and permitting, economic development, and venture funding to the position. Mr. Leahy has managed and structured more than $5 billion in asset-backed securities transactions with concentrations in consumer debt, intangible assets and other receivables.

He authored the Baltimore City Biotechnology Economic Development Plan and served as the first Director of Administration and Counsel for the Intellectual Property Development & Technology Transfer for the University of Maryland Medical Biotechnology Institute. He also served as Counsel for the Intellectual Property Development and Technology Transfer for the Professional Schools (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, etc.) of the University of Maryland. Mr. Leahy was the Policy and Legal Advisor to the Anne Arundel County Executive and served as the Deputy Land Use Officer. He was also a member of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education from 2004 to 2009.

Monday’s confirmation process will take place in City Council Chambers at 7 p.m.

Source: Annapolis City

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Knights of Columbus sponsoring Joey Sudo golf classic http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/knights-of-columbus-sponsoring-joey-sudo-golf-classic/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/knights-of-columbus-sponsoring-joey-sudo-golf-classic/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 12:19:30 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92177 JoeySudoMemorialGolfClassicFlyerThe Knights of Columbus Council #11552-St. Andrew By the Bay will host the First Annual Joey Sudo Memorial Golf Classic will at Bay Hills Golf Course on September 28th. Starting at 1 p.m, the four person scramble includes a boxed lunch, drink tickets, dinner buffet, and an Awards ceremony. As a special guest, Meterologist Justin Berk will attend and speak about his recent trek across Maryland for Cool Kids Campaign, a foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for pediatric oncology patients.

There will be Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, closest to the pin, and longest drive. A hole-in-one wins $10,000! There will also be door prizes and a 50-50 raffle. The cost is $80 per player and $320 per foursome. Tickets can be purchased online at kofc.ticketleap.com/joey.

In conjunction with the Sudo Family, the Council is proud to host this fundraiser in memory of Joey Sudo who died of a rare cancer in April 2012. The event is the first official fundraiser for The Joey Sudo Memorial Fund, which was established by the Council and the Sudo family to honor Joey’s life and legacy of bravery under adversity and support individuals or families struggling with a serious, life-threatening, or terminal illness.

Business and individual sponsors are sought at several levels: Corporate Sponsor $1,500, Gold Sponsor $500, Beverages $400, Putting Contest $300, Lunch or Golf Tees $275, and holes at $100 each. Companies or individuals that sponsor holes will be recognized with their names on a sign at the hole.

“A St. Jude’s kid, fundraiser for children’s cancer, and local soccer player, Joey was loved by people on the Broadneck peninsula and beyond,” said Council Grand Knight Jeremy Shutt. “It is our honor to host this first fundraiser for a fund that will be used to support those facing a situation similar to what the Sudos did.”

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Jo Dee Messina coming to Rams Head On Stage October 5th http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/jo-dee-messina-coming-to-rams-head-on-stage-october-5th/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/18/jo-dee-messina-coming-to-rams-head-on-stage-october-5th/#comments Thu, 18 Sep 2014 09:57:40 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92174 jodeemessinaMulti-Platinum selling country star Jo Dee Messina, known for her electrifying live performances and powerhouse vocals, will be coming to Annapolis, MD to perform two shows at the Rams Head On Stage on Sunday, October 5th. The 4pm show is an all ages show, and the 7pm show is 21 and older!

get tickets

Messina is currently touring in support of her fifth studio album ME which was recently released to critical praise on her newly formed label Dreambound Records. She will be releasing her brand new single, “He’s Messed Up”, which she co-wrote, to radio soon. ME is truly a journey for Messina, having parted ways with her record label in 2012, she took her career into her own hands and launched a Kickstarter campaign to make this album for the fans, with the fans. The result is nothing short of Messina at her finest and is being dubbed as her best album to date. Having co-written 7 of the 12 songs on the album, every note on ME explores Messina as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and an incredibly gifted vocalist and songwriter who is thankful for all she’s accomplished and looking forward to all that awaits her.

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Upcoming Local Shows at Rams Head On Stage
September 18 Asleep At The Wheel
September 19 The Sax Pack feat. Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, Marcus Anderson plus special guest Marc Antoine (6:30 Show)
September 19 The Sax Pack feat. Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole, Marcus Anderson plus special guest Marc Antoine (9:30 Show)
September 20 Steve Earle
September 20 Albert Castiglia & Damon Fowler
September 21 Dishwalla, Nine Days and Stroke 9

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City law office loses key person to Berwyn Heights http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/city-law-office-loses-key-person-to-berwyn-heights/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/city-law-office-loses-key-person-to-berwyn-heights/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2014 17:02:25 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92313 exit-signJessica Cowles, a familiar face at the City Council meetings will be leaving the City for good on September 30th and submitted her resignation this afternoon.

Cowles is the City’s legislative and policy analyst and works hand in hand with the Acting City Attorney in crafting the documents and policy that will eventually become law in the City.

Her duties included managing the City Council’s legislative process  (introduction, public hearing, Committee review, and vote) for all legislation. Conducting policy research for drafting legislation, Additionally, she served on a committee to manage the City’s financial risk by analyzing budgets and trends for cost‐containment strategies.

While not a departmental director, this position is a significant one in the Department of Law just under the City Attorney. She was hired by the City in 2010 by former Mayor Joshua Cohen.

Currently the City is actively searching for many key positions. Mayor Pantelides has said that he will nominate candidates for City Attorney and City Manager at next week’s meeting, but he also said that he would be nominating them at the last council meeting as well. In addition to City Manager and City Attorney, the following senior positions are currently vacant and the Mayor has not offered a timetable for filling them.

  • Director of Transportation
  • Director of Planning and Zoning
  • Director of Parks and Recreation
  • Harbormaster
  • Director of Public Works (the current Director, David Jarrell, is expected to return if a City Manager is appointed)

Cowles will become the Town Administrator for Berwyn Heights, MD in Prince George’s County. Berwyn Heights has a population of about 3,200.

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Arts in Education preview on Friday http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/arts-in-education-preview-on-friday/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/arts-in-education-preview-on-friday/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2014 15:22:58 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92171 AiE PosterThe Arts Council of Anne Arundel County soon will offer Anne Arundel County school representatives and students brief previews of over 30 artists’ presentations as part of the council’s Arts in Education(AiE) program.  The previews will be held on Friday, September 19th from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Broadneck Elementary in Arnold and on Thursday, October 2nd from 6:00p.m. to 7:40 p.m. at Marley Middle School in Glen Burnie.  All Anne Arundel County school representatives, PTA, PTO and other parent groups for public and private school are welcome to attend.

Artists participating in the previews include storytellers, actors and singers who infuse the arts with curriculum centered themes to engage students in creative learning.  Artists cover topics from bullying to reenacting history.  During the showcase school representatives will have an opportunity speak directly with artists about their various programs.

In addition to the AiE Showcases, school representatives are invited to apply to the Arts Council for programming funds through the AiE Auditorium and Residency Grants.  AiE grants may be used to pay for artists’ presentations at their individual schools.  They can choose from the preview artists or other approved artists listed in the Arts Council’s AiE Directory, which will be distributed at the showcases.

The deadline for grant applications from the schools is Friday, October 24, 2014.  Each school can apply for up to two grants – an auditorium grant and a residency grant.

Auditorium grants are for performances in an auditorium, usually to large groups of students.  Residency grants are for artists to work with smaller groups of students on a variety of art projects.  Grants are expected to be awarded by mid-November.

Last year, the Arts Council distributed over $55,000, impacting more than 20,000 students with presentations and hands on projects.  This year the Arts Council looks forward to exceeding those numbers.

For more information about the Arts in Education program, contact the Arts Council at 410-222-7949 or info@acaac.org.

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Samaritan House focuses on increased opportunities http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/samaritan-house-focuses-on-increased-opportunities/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/samaritan-house-focuses-on-increased-opportunities/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2014 12:57:45 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92142 Samaritan House

Kirk Noonan, president of the Samaritan House board of directors, hangs an artist rendering of the new pavilion on site at the Samaritan House campus in Annapolis. Construction could begin as early as October.

Substance abuse affects all communities nationwide. This month the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is recognizing National Recovery Month to help spread the message that treatment is effective and people can recover.

According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, only 10.8 percent of those identified as needing drug or alcohol addiction treatment, received it. Locally, a University of Maryland study concluded that Anne Arundel County required an increase of over 500 treatment admissions annually to close the gap between treatment rates and need.

Samaritan House in Annapolis, a state-certified residential treatment and rehabilitation facility, has been working in the community since 1971 to help men battling addictions. Kirk Noonan, president of the Samaritan House Board of Directors, said their ever-present admissions wait list reflects these statistics.

“We have a community filled with people who are living in long-term sobriety because of treatment. However, the demand outpaces the availability. That’s why we began an expansion campaign to double our current capacity.”

In 2012, Samaritan House launched plans for a comprehensive Campus of Recovery calling for a new 16-bed dormitory, added space for clinical outpatient counseling and an outdoor pavilion to serve as a meeting venue. The building permit for the pavilion was submitted this month and construction could begin as soon as October.

“In recognizing National Recovery Month, we highlight those living a sober life and the qualified treatment professionals in Anne Arundel County,” Noonan said. “At the same time, we want to call attention to the growing need for expansion of treatment opportunities and encourage people to support the recovery community as we move forward for the betterment of all.”

For more information on National Recovery Month, visit www.recoverymonth.gov . To learn more about Samaritan House, see www.samaritanhouseannapolis.com

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Model skipjack races at CBMM on the 21st http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/model-skipjack-races-at-cbmm-on-the-21st/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/17/model-skipjack-races-at-cbmm-on-the-21st/#comments Wed, 17 Sep 2014 09:23:30 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92139 CBMM_ModelSailingRaces_V_Sept21The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s (CBMM) Model Sailing Club will race model sailing skipjacks on Sunday, September 21, with the public invited to watch from the museum’s St. Michaels waterfront.

Club members will race radio-controlled (RC) model skipjacks along CBMM’s Fogg’s Cove, with the races scheduled to begin at noon. The club holds monthly races at the museum from May to October each year, with the schedule posted to the CBMM website.

Built in the early twentieth century, the sail-powered skipjack was once a cost effective working boat used by watermen for oyster dredging. Today, only a few remain working on the Chesapeake Bay.

The club races RC models of these two-sailed bateaux, which at full size can vary from 38 to 48 feet in length. The 48-inch skipjack models are built from scratch from plans sold by the club at the Museum Store.

Started in 1983 as the Saint Michaels Model Boat Club, the Model Sailing Club continues today at CBMM through its many members and volunteers, and meets regularly throughout the year to build and race these models. To learn more about the races, or to join the club, contact Commodore Richard Clayton at 410-745-2372.

For more information about CBMM, call 410-745-2916 or visit www.cbmm.org.

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Outstanding Dreams Farm to host 6th Annual Alpaca Festival http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/16/outstanding-dreams-farm-to-host-6th-annual-alpaca-festival/ http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/2014/09/16/outstanding-dreams-farm-to-host-6th-annual-alpaca-festival/#comments Tue, 16 Sep 2014 19:19:12 +0000 http://www.eyeonannapolis.net/?p=92210 AlpacaOutstanding Dreams Farm invites you to their 6th Annual Alpaca Festival on Saturday, September 20th from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm and Sunday, September 21st from noon- 5:00 pm. The farm, which is located at 24480 Pinetown Road in Preston, is home to more than 25 Huacaya Alpacas and a gift shop featuring one-of-a-kind merchandise crafted from Alpaca fiber.

The event will feature fun for the whole family, including fiber arts demonstrations, craft and food vendors, children’s activities, and of course, lovable Alpacas and their products. Attendees will also be able to meet the owners of Outstanding Dreams Farm, Phil and Vickie Liske, and learn about the wonderful world of alpacas.

Visitors to the festival will find a variety of products crafted from alpaca fleece at the Outstanding Dreams Farm Store. Alpaca fleece is a soft and durable fiber that is renowned for it’s hypoallergenic qualities, and the shop carries an array of products made from the luxurious natural fiber. Products available for purchase include scarves, clothing, hats, children’s toys, raw fiber and more.

Admission to the event is free, and donations are gratefully appreciated. For more information on the Open House & Alpaca Festival or to arrange a tour of the farm, please contact Phil and Vickie Liske at (410) 673-2002 or visit www.OutstandingDreamsFarm.com.

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