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Rather than go into a long drawn out sales pitch with numbers and charts, let’s break it down into a few key bullet points.  If you are intrigued and want to learn more, just fill out the form below and our most recent Media Kit (with the long drawn out sales pitch with numbers and charts) will be on its way to you.

  • We have been consistently publishing since March of 2009. And,we have more than 5,000 articles on the site that are very highly indexed with the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • We are local. Our offices are not on Madison Avenue in New York. We live here. We shop here, We eat here. We play here.  We truly know the market and we couple that knowledge together with our mad skills in online marketing. We focus 99% of our efforts in Anne Arundel County. While we understand that Baltimore, Prince George’s, and Howard Counties are nice–we prefer to stick with what we know!
  • We are social. We understand the impact of the different social media channels and participate in the big ones in a big way. We have the largest Facebook presence of any media in Anne Arundel County. The same goes for our Twitter feed. Don’t believe it, give the links a click and check it out for yourself. But the cool part is that with every advertising opportunity, you get exposure on all of our social channels.
  • We are incredibly effective. Some of the most prestigious companies and events in the area have sought us out to help them market their brand–Homestead Gardens, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Rams Head OnStage, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Zachary’s Jewelers, The Annapolis Irish Festival, the Naptown BarBAYq, and the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival have all seen phenomenal results from Eye On Annapolis.
  • We are easy. If you need to change things up a mid mid-stream like a new landing page or new graphic–just give us a shout and more likely than not it will be done within the hour. Do you have an idea that does not appear to fit on the site? Give us a shout and we will come up with something to make it work for you. There are no long term commitments, but there are discounts for them if you decide to advertise for 3, 6, or more months. We also don’t believe in contracts. We believe in results and understand that we might not be the right fit for everyone; and we are very upfront about that. And if it is not working out for you, we can part ways and still be best of friends. It is really that simple!
  • We are very cost effective. Compare our rates with any other media entity and you will see that we offer the biggest bang for the buck!
  • Online advertising is measurable. When you advertise in the paper or in a magazine, all you know is how many copies of your ad were printed. Is that a useful number? Suppose those papers fell off the back of the truck and no one read them? When you advertise with us, we can tell you how many people saw your ad. How many people clicked on your ad. How many people read a post about your business on Facebook or Twitter and how many clicked on a link. If we send a broadcast email on your behalf, we can tell you a lot more!
  • Our audience is engaged. Our readers want to hear what we have to say. And they will listen to our message. Our readers visit us often. They stay on the site for a long period of time. They are following and interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter. And, we have a subset of readers who are even more engaged–our newsletter subscribers. One recent broadcast for the Annapolis Restaurant week realized a greater than 50% open rate and 25% click through rate.

So, that is about it in a nutshell. Of course the numbers do matter so please fill out the form and get your copy of the current media kit. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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OK so here is one set of numbers to show our growth over the years–these represent visitors to Eye On Annapolis. Nearly 3,000 people per day will see your advertisement.  And if you want to hear what others are saying about us, give this link a click!


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