LIVE BLOG: 76th Annual Brigade Boxing Championships

| February 24, 2017

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The Naval Academy’s 76th Annual Brigade Boxing Championships will begin tonight at 7 p.m. in Alumni Hall. The event is open to the public and admission is free.Brigade_Boxing_2015_05 

As part of the academy’s physical education program, all midshipmen are required to participate in boxing, and boxing is also offered as a club sport at the Academy. The boxing team participates in invitational competitions in the fall and spring, as well as in ongoing intramural bouts. The Brigade Boxing Championship showcases the most elite midshipmen boxers, each performing in three-round matches within their weight class. This year’s finals will have roughly 10 male weight classes and four female weight classes.

For more information on the boxing program, check this out.


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John Frenaye February 24, 20179:45 pm

THe final match is the heavyweights. Dan Hawkins from Annapolis MD Versus Reggie Miles from Fredricksburg, VA

Miles towers over Hawkins who just joined the team 4 weeks ago!

And Miles easily handled Hawkins for the win!

John Frenaye February 24, 20179:34 pm

13th match is the 195 # class Charles Patterson from Honolulu and Mack Sponholtz from Riverside, IL. And this match goes to Charles Patterson!

John Frenaye February 24, 20179:23 pm

12th match of the night 185# class. Evan Stargil of Barbourville, KY and Josh Looney from Waldorf, MD.

Debate here at table if it is a split decision. I think Looney took all three. Others thing Stargil took 2.

It was a SPLIT decision. Winner was Evan Stargil and the crowd is not happy. Lots of boos on that call!

John Frenaye February 24, 20179:13 pm

Up next in the 12th match of the night. Evan Stargil of Barbourville, KY and Josh Looney from Waldorf, MD. BOTH are from the 7th company. Josh Looney’s brother was a multi year winner for the past few years. He graduated last year!

John Frenaye February 24, 20179:11 pm

Match 11 is the 175# Mens Peter Ventola from Boston and Jordan Davis from Pensacola.

Jordan seems to be outdancing and connecting and will likely win.

And he does!

John Frenaye February 24, 20179:01 pm

Stephanie Simon and Jo MArtin battled it out on the womens 165# class. Martin has reach and height, SImon has tenacity.

Stephanie is a NATIONAL CHAMP and really dominated for the win

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:49 pm

In match #9 it is Alex Olajide from New York, NY and John Makiling from Queens, NY. A cross town battle in the 165# class that was won by ALex Olajide!

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:40 pm

Also spotted County Exec Steve Schuh and Zachary’s Jeweler’s Steve Samaras, and Dean D’Camera from the D’Camera Insurance agency. Absent is Del Herb McMillan and Mayor Mike Pantelides

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:39 pm

Acting Secretary of the Navy in the house tonight

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:38 pm

8th match of the night 156# Class. Winner is Princeton Luong from Houston, TX. Taking the defeat is Rick Ontiveros from Chicago!

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:27 pm

In the 147# weight class, Taras Klymyuk from Brooklyn NY defeated Taylor Yohe from Springfield, VA.

Up next 156# Mens Princeton Luong from Houston Vs Rick Ontiveros from Chicago

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:15 pm

Mikayla Lint from Johnstown PA won the 147 weight poubnd class against Alex Larranaga from Ceres, CA. This was the 6th match of the night

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:10 pm

In a split decision the 5th match (139#) was won by Bee Nguyen from Klamath Falls, OR. He fought Toshi Oue from Micronesia,

John Frenaye February 24, 20178:09 pm

4th match was the 132# mens and was won by Matt Suarez from New Orleans. He fought Tanner Strawbridge from Corpus Christi

John Frenaye February 24, 20177:41 pm

Round 3 goes to Zoe Wang from Herndon VA who fought Ally Annick from LA. Decidedly

John Frenaye February 24, 20177:31 pm

2nd round went handily to Jake Clary from NC. Nate Fields was his oppponent. Match went 3 full rounds

John Frenaye February 24, 20177:20 pm

1st Round. Sophie Lekas by a referee stopped match. Anna Vargas appears to have an injury to her right arm. Dislocated shoulder?

John Frenaye February 24, 20177:06 pm

OK got the FB Live working. Here is the direct URL. It might even show up in here!

John Frenaye February 24, 20176:57 pm

Crap….too weak of a signal to do Facebook Live.

John Frenaye February 24, 20176:25 pm

OK Wifi is sketchy at this point…stay tuned. We may not be able to FB Live as intended.

John Frenaye February 24, 20175:19 pm

Testing 123

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