Local radio news director arrested on forgery charges

| July 21, 2016

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Raychel Harvey-Jones, the new News Director for WNAV-1430 in Annapolis, was arrested at the station this morning by Baltimore County and Annapolis City Police.

Harvey-Jones has been charged with forgery of a public document (court documents) in what can only be called a bizarre attempt at rekindling a broken personal relationship.

In 2015, Harvey-Jones was found guilty of misuse of a computer in a related case and sentenced to probation. Additional charges of harassment were dropped in that case.

The new case came to light after a former boyfriend approached Baltimore County Police to report harassing emails and texts believed to have originated from Harvey-Jones.

Through their investigation, Baltimore County detectives believe that Harvey-Jones forged several court documents utilizing some of the information from her own case and purported it to be part of another case against her ex-boyfriend’s former girlfriend. The former boyfriend believes this was an attempt to convince him to rekindle the relationship with Harvey-Jones.  The forgeries included charging documents, a court commissioner’s signature, among others.

The full charging documents are below.

Download (PDF, 532KB)

Harvey-Jones is currently being held at a Baltimore County detention center bail was set at $150,000 and she posted bail late in the day on July 21st. (Updated 7/22)

Representatives for WNAV were unavailable for comment.

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  1. Suzie Coronel says:

    Shocked that she was able to work in the news reporting industry and they wouldn’t think to do a background check. This was t her first rodeo!

    EDIT: Defaming language removed

  2. Brown Biker Friend says:

    So I hear that she still works for the news station?? I predict that she will continue to be “the news”. Lunatic. smh.

    • John Frenaye says:

      WNAV has not offered any official comment on the arrest or situation. However, we have heard that her employment was terminated by a source at the station.

      • Jane Shims says:

        Well someone is lying or misrepresenting I have a copy of the original court documents. They are signed in Red. Another cop blunder and a bitter ex in Susan Coronel it seems. This reporter has no criminal record not even a DWI.Seems a lot of wrong info. Easy to blame the media though, beautiful girl like that will always be a target to others. Can’t post original docs as there is no attachment available have an eye reporter actually do some due diligence on this before posting a story called in by a bitter ex. Retraction will be good can’t wait. Original docs are clearly signed in red.

        Edit: Defamatory language removed

        • John Frenaye says:

          There is no retraction coming. We simply reported what happened. The police made an arrest and the charging documents were a part of the story. Unless you are alleging the police fabricated the documents, the story is accurate. We will be following it to see the resolution. I question why someone from the UK has copies of charging documents.

        • Brown Biker Friend says:

          Hmmmm thank you for your feedback Ms. Harvey-Jones

    • Bob Dade says:

      Why would she be fired? They are charges did you go to school? Innocent until proven otherwise, a reliable news source who followed up on court docs already posted originals thank you WBAL for being competent. They are signed in red, no forgery case here. Blame the media so much easier. Shame on you eye on Annapolis for not researching this more in depth. pretty girls always picked on she has transformed WNAV, listeners will hear her story. Bitter people stop commenting.

      EDIT: Defaming language removed

      • John Frenaye says:

        The story was accurate. She was arrested at the station and charged with forgery. If the charges are dropped, we will of course report that. Innocent until proven guilty has nothing to do with employment–an employer can terminate an employee for any reason (or no reason). WNAV has not yet released any statement, however, she is no longer listed on any of their online properties–Facebook, Twitter, or website.

  3. samuel greene says:

    The penalty for this type of forgery is five years prison time.
    Additional time for violating probation from similar offenses.
    Lets save taxpayer money and deport her to her home country
    of England. Perhaps she would get the psychiatric care she
    apparently needs with their socialized medicine program.

  4. Jeff says:

    I have met her, had business dealings with her. She absolutely screwed Avery contractor in her project, acted in a complete and utter crazy manor, and has absolutely no shame. I come,tell believe she is capable of the charges against her.

    karma at its finest right there!!!

  5. Marie B says:

    She bullied and harassed a lot of colleagues of mine, including myself in Hagerstown. Many were wrongfully fired or forced to quit under her. We were “young” and just out of school, so our voice never had a say. Hoping she gets the psychiatric help she desperately needs.

    • Joe Dempsey says:

      Or maybe you just weren’t good enough to work at a news station! Reality check young school leaver. Publish your real names people what do you have to hide. I called Channel 6 no one by the name of Marie B worked there, I spoke with the guy from schurz in HR. Anonyminity is destructive and sadly brings out the worse in people.

      • John Frenaye says:

        NOTE: This comment is likely a troll. The IP address has been traced and resolves to an address in Sparrows Point and a Comcast customer. Several other comments on this story have been made from the same IP address and physical address using the names Joe Dempsey, Jane Shims (with a UK email), and Bob Dade.

  6. Joe Dempsey says:

    Tom Brown contracting, why are you calling yourself Jeff. That’s a good start to honesty. The Maryland home improvement Commision saw your work and demanded you pay money back, nothing to do with her or her house. That’s when she hired another contractor who you threatened. Your work was a disgrace, I am her neighbor I saw it. Contact them John, they have it all on record. Easy to kick someone when they are down, pathetic. Please do your research this time like look at the original documents you give media a bad name by copy and pasting.

    • John Frenaye says:

      NOTE: This comment is likely a troll. The IP address has been traced and resolves to an address in Sparrows Point and a Comcast customer. Several other comments on this story have been made from the same IP address and physical address using the names Joe Dempsey, Jane Shims (with a UK email), and Bob Dade.