BREAKING: Fawcett Proposal Pulled

| July 1, 2013


UPDATE: Mayoral hopeful Bob O’Shea just issued the following statement on the failed proposal:

“It is unfortunate that a compromise could not be reached. As mayor I would support a proposal that had the input of the local residents and business community. I hope all interested parties take this opportunity to reevaluate the process so that it is more inclusive.

“I encourage city residents to attend the public hearing on July 8 and remind our elected leaders that we must review any proposed development with the needs of the community in mind and not just the needs of the developer.”

UPDATE: We just spoke with a partner in the project and they wanted to clarify why they pulled out of the project. The HPC had indicated that they would not approve anything taller than the 32′ height limit. The Mayor indicated to the partnership that he would not go against the HPC and he too would be unwilling to support anything over 32 feet. After several consults this morning with their engineers and architects, it was determined that the envisioned project needed the 38′ height to work. With the loss of support from the Mayor and the emergence of the Save Annapolis coalition who opposed the project, the decision was made to pull out.

UPDATE: Save Annapolis issued a revised statement:

The Coalition to Save Annapolis has learned that the developer has withdrawn his proposal and that the re-development of 110 Compromise Street has been delayed. We hope and believe that Mayor Cohen will take this opportunity to withdraw his application for rezoning and focus the city’s efforts on developing a comprehensive cost benefit analyses and sector study of the Annapolis City Dock Master Plan. We look forward to partnering with Mayor Cohen to develop a great plan that improves City Dock while preserving our heritage and reputation as a beautiful historic seaport.

UPDATE: Save Annapolis has issued a statement:

The Coalition to Save Annapolis is pleased that the developer has withdrawn his proposal and that the re-development of 110 Compromise Street has been delayed. We hope and believe that Mayor Cohen will take this opportunity to withdraw his application for rezoning and focus the city’s efforts on developing a comprehensive cost benefit analysis and sector study of the Annapolis City Dock Master Plan. We look forward to working with the Mayor on this. 


MEMBER ORGANIZATIONSAnnapolis Business AssociationAnnapolis Landing MarinaAnnapolis Marine Art

Annapolis School of Seamanship

Bay Yacht Agency


Campbell Properties

City Dock Coffee

Fleet Reserve Club

Historic Annapolis Foundation

Liquified Creative

Marine Trades Assoc. of Maryland

McGarvey’s Saloon


Moyer Consulting

R.A. Noyce and Associates

Storm Brothers

Studio 50 Design

The Big Cheese

US Yacht Shows

Ward One Residents Association

UPDATE:  Here is a copy of the letter sent to Mayor Cohen:

Dear Josh,

We are withdrawing our proposal to build at 110 Compromise Street. We hoped for a collaborative process, reached out to the interested parties and even planned open houses which have now cancelled. We prefer to avoid seeing people protest what we’re doing, so that instead they can save today’s deteriorated city dock. On behalf of my partners and I, I wish you my very best.

Please also thank your colleagues in the city’s management team, who I know had hoped for, and worked toward a positive outcome.


UPDATE: We have learned that the Mayor may modify  his own ordinance based on the project being pulled. It is unsure if there will be a public hearing on July 8th.  The deal apparently fell through over the the height issue and the general frustration of doing business in the City. The proposed ordinance increased the maximum height from 32′ to 38′. Additionally, the new regulations require buildings to be above the flood plain level which is an additional 7′. This allowed the developer to achieve the 2 1/2 story height. The engineers with the developer have said that there was no way to accomodate that with the current design. We have learned that the Historic Preservation Commission had the final say on height and they had indicated that they would force the lower height restriction which was unacceptable to the developer.

Developer has said that they initially wanted to do what was good for the City and had hoped for a collaborative effort and that politics came into play and it became evident that the partnership between the developer and the special interest groups opposed to this project would never work.

We learned that the developer delivered a letter to the Mayor this morning.

Eye On Annapolis has learned that the proposal to develop the former Fawcett property in Annapolis at 110 Compromise Street has been rescinded and the proposed development will not be taking place in the City Of Annapolis.

More details forthcoming!


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  1. Nicholas Zahn says:

    Good luck getting someone to develop it with “Save Annapolis” being the welcome.

    • Nicholas Zahn says:

      In regards to SA Update: They basically say, “Yay we won! Lets keep the building empty for another 4 years while we do ANOTHER study!”

  2. tminogue says:

    The has done one thing right; they have
    proven without a doubt that the mayor is spineless. And in my book the Save group isn’t
    much better. They have scared people with
    lies and what if’s but have offered no viable alternative. Instead what they have done is guaranteed
    that no other developer will touch this piece of property in the future. So if that is your idea of a win, then congrats.

    Now one of the most valuable assets to the city will just
    sit. It will be fenced off and likely boats
    will be stored there. Or maybe better
    yet, a working boatyard could afford to move their business there, as that is
    all that is allowed with the zoning. Isn’t
    this just what tourist want to see…

    So again I say congratulation on destroying the only viable
    plan that has been even considered by the city for over 4 years. Congrats on scaring people with half truths
    and what if’s. In the end, if this plan
    was so awful, what’s your alternative plan?
    Where is your brilliant idea? I
    hope it’s not just to stop the redevelopment, I am sure that someone has a
    bright idea. I hope. But then again, hope isn’t a strategy. But I am sure you all knew that.

    In the end, I see this group as no better than the
    spineless, worthless mayor that is now hiding under his desk.

  3. KS says:

    Wow! Market House is looming at 110 Compro St…
    “Save Annapolis” are just words meaning “downtown will not progress beyond empty buildings and lots.”

  4. Nicholas Zahn says:

    Muller Marine is a mile down the street.

  5. Nicholas Zahn says:

    That’d be a way to split the “Save Annapolis” crew. Historical Annapolis would have a heart attack, and the businesses would throw a party.