Tasteless Yearbook Prank Pulled At South River High

| May 17, 2012

A South River High School Social Sciences teacher is the victim of a tasteless yearbook prank. The staff photo of Mr. Croyle was identified in the just released yearbook as “Chikahn Faqure.”

The prank was a hot topic amongst students tonight as they perused the yearbooks which were distributed to the 2191 students earlier today.

At this time there has been no information distributed by the school or the administration if the books will be recalled.


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  1. Hhankhill says:

    Bwahahahahaha!!  Mr. Croyle……

  2. Guest says:

    Why is this tasteless? What is the joke?

  3. Admin says:

    I suspect fowl play.  LOL!

  4. anonymous says:

    This was NOT a prank by the yearbook staff or by anyone at South River. Possibility that it happened on the production end by the production company.

    • guest says:

      How dare anyone think someone at South River would do this?
      ding dong no yearbook publishing company is going to inappropriately edit someones name.

  5. Poloboy210 says:

    Tasteless? I’m sure it tastes like chicken.

  6. Iheartmychickens says:

    you spelled f***er wrong

  7. Ryan is a bitch says:

    Does this man have sex with all poultry because I have a turkey I’m concerned about.

  8. Bigballsbob says:

    At first I thought the prank was the last name of the first lady being changed to dyke…. hahaha

  9. Tamrn39 says:

    Thank you John. I’m slow on the uptake and was too embarrassed over what it might be to ask someone. Now I know!

  10. shame says:

    And we wonder why teachers leave the profession in droves.

  11. Chicken says:

    So funny !!!!  Chicken F*cker !!!  This guy was hated by so many students